Letter for Family

Date: January 13, 2010
Area: MTC
Companion: Elder Josh Dahlin (from CA)


I'll shoot you all an e-mail next week. The members of our district all started getting carried away talking about hunting, and outdoors stuff. I got 10 mins to give you a run down. I'll learn better for next Monday.
So Chase showed me around a bit, and I saw Sister prestwich. that was awesome.  When I was with Elder Gluch I saw Elder Hillman.  Then I went to a class.  we were all quiet, and then I met my companion, Elder Josh Dahlin.  We met our teachers, or one of them.  Brother May. he is 22 and served in the Philippines and is way awesome.  That night we went to a welcome talk by President Smith, his counselors and their wives.  they all did a great job!  the next day we met our other teacher, sister Leatham. She is great too................
It was easy to go one day at a time, but I feel i wasn't as productive as I should.  Sunday came and I felt all the lessons were for me.  It's not just about getting through it, it's about getting through it WELL!
Not even just getting through it being happy, but getting through it making  the most of each second.  I plan on making a change this week by enduring well, and doing it because I want to.............
So i love you all, hope all is going good.  I'll write more next Monday........
I loved the letters that flooded me the first few days.  that was awesome.  I got 9.
Keep writing,
- Love Elder Hale.


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