Weston's letter (Elder Hale's Friend)

Date: January 13, 2010
Area: MTC
Companion: Elder Josh Dahlin (from CA)


I'll be in the MTC for 8-9 weeks.
The first few days are done.  Thanks a bunch for the letters from Dear Elder. com.  That was awesome being one of the only missionaries to receive mail. Sorry for my bad hand writing and spelling, it hasn't improved since 1st  grade, no lie. I can e-mail to family at the MTC, and write friends. I can only write on P-Days, which are Mondays for me.  But I can receive mail from Dear Elder.com and hand written things everyday.  your letters made me laugh. Thanks a bunch.
My Companion is Elder Dahlin, he's 20 from California, turning 21 in Feb..........
Sunday was awesome! We had an MTC fireside. The speaker did a great job. He discussed D&C 121 with us. He drew a chart like this ...
(he drew a rectangle box divided into 4 with the heading The Rights of the Priesthood. in each section was Problems that prevent /Results and Principles that empower/Results.)
Read D&C 121 and fill out the chart. This is why many can be called, but few are chosen!! Things such as Gratify or Pride Prevent and Love  Empowers. Read D&C 121 and apply it, you'll be a more prepared missionary.
My district is rocking awesome. We all just seem to click. We have a morning teacher, Brother May and an afternoon teacher Sister Leathem. Both are awesome.
Thanks for the letter agai, not enough space or time to write much more. But here are a couple of stories. I bought a clippy thing so i could clip on my name tags to my suit. I had a choice of a black or grey/silver/whitish one. There were not many white ones so I chose that. Then I was standing in line for something and a girl said, "look at my clip," It was white, then she said, "look at his clip," it was black. I came to find out I'd been wearing a girls clip all week. I switched as soon as I could to the black clip. :-)
Then all the Elders in my district asked me once "Hey Eder Hale, where is your tie?" I looked down at my tie and they all laughed. I fell for it several times since. I'm an idiot, but at least my idiotness can bring laughter.
Speaking of ties, they all thought that the tie you gave me is the coolest thing. I can't listen to music here, but I will in the Philppines, and the sewing kit was usede by my companion.
Anyway, Choose the Right, you can't go wrong if you do that, and don't live life alone, rely on the Atonement. Read your scriptures and Pray Daily! -
Elder Hale


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