First E-mail from MTC

Date: January 18, 2010
Area: MTC
Companion: Elder Josh Dahlin (from CA)


 Thanks for the updates dad and mom on what is going on with the world everyone.

The dear elder thing works great! Steve and Dees cookies were great and Miriams letter and food were way funny and good. Tell everyone thanks for everything. Grandpa was the man. He knew how much Elder's love getting mail.

I only have 20 minutes and a lot to say, so here goes.
Maybe I'll send more in a letter. This week has been awesome.

Elder Perry came and talked to us on Tuesday.
 He talked/told us about the first vision and the events surrounding the lesson 1 in preach my gospel. As he was talking at first I said to myself, I already know all this, I've heard it a thousand times, but then it hit me.
 My testimony is based on that first lesson and it can always grow stronger.

Elder Perry said the MTC is the place to grow our testimony's of the restoration.

 Sunday was amazing.

Elder Dahlin is the district leader and me and him were asked to give a lesson on the Book of Mormon to our district for Sunday school. It was the 6 Cauayan Missionaries and the 3 Manila Elders.

The sisters are no longer in our district.
As me and Elder Dahlin were preparing the lesson we played Elder Holland's talk on the Book of Mormon from last conference. Several others listened in.
What an amazing witness he gave in that talk.

Me and Elder Dahlin then went outside and it hit me to use the Preach my  Gospel chapter 5 as an outline for the lesson.
So we went back in and taught.
As I started talking I felt the spirit. At one point during the lesson I asked everyone the question, how we can use the Book of Mormon.
 Elder Hardman started crying and shared a personal story of his aunt who was dying of cancer.
Some of her last words were a testimony that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  The spirit was so strong.

The lesson followed PMG and at the end of the lesson we had everyone share a scripture from the Book of Mormon they liked. Everyone shared great scriptures and then I for some reason was led to Moroni 10: 4-5. I read it and said, "I intend to hold the Lord accountable on this promise for myself and investigators." We ended up singing, How Great Thou Art in Tagalog.
We are all a bunch of athletic kids who don't cry too much, but as we sung Several People started crying. The spirit was so strong.
 After the lesson while in line to get food.
Elder Jones said, "That was so powerful, thank you."
 I replied, "That wasn't me at all, I could never have taught a lesson like that, the spirit was the one doing the teaching."
Sorry I went off on this experience for the whole e-mail, I'll write a letter too. It's just that this is the first time I felt the spirit that strong.
I KNOW the Book of Mormon is true. Read it EVERY day. Satan doesn't want anyone reading that Book. Don't let him ever put anything in your way from reading it, it is the ketstone of our testimony's - Elder Hale


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