Account of Elder Hales journey from the MTC to Manila, Philippines. By Sue Hale from information received by Elder Hale's phone calls.

Date: March 09, 2010
Area: Travel Zone! Utah, CA,Taipei ,Taiwan and Manila, Philippines
Companion: Elder Josh Dahlin (from CA)


 Monday, March 8th Elder Hale Preps to leave the MTC.
Sends a short e-mail home. (see added e-mail)
Around 4 p m Irv drives by the MTC on his way home from work and sees a van, suitcases and missionaries all over the place.
This we presume to be the start of the journey for Elder Hale....
Knowing his flight from SLC is scheduled tol depart at 7.45 p m We plan a gathering at home for all the family. We wait for a call from Johnny!
At around 6.30 the phone rings and it is Elder Hale.
We all scurry to our spots ..3 phones are in place plus 2 cell phones connected to his brothers Dave & Mike and families.
We get to spend about 40 mins chatting with him and he gets to speak to all of the family including all of the nephews and nieces.
He sounds great, in good health and spirits. Excited to be going.
Just before we speak with him we receive a phone call from a shipping company to say they have '9' boxes for us from Elder Hale!!!!
He managed to get his suitcase down to 50lbs weight but hence the '9' boxes.. :-)
Anyway, we all loved our chance to speak with him and he was very happy to speak with us...
He finally left when his minutes ran out just in time to board the plane headed for LAX ,CA.
We were hoping for a call again from LAX and Irv and I (Sue) waited up till 12.30 when his flight to Taipei was due to leave...
I was sad he did not call but new there would be a good reason.
So off to bed we went knowing Elder Hale and his Missionary friends were on board Eva airlines winging their way to Taiwan.. a 15 hour flight.
I could not sleep and then went off to work where I was still unsettled .. I so wanted to speak with him one more time.
We had one more chance.. The lay over in Taipei. He was due to land there 3.10 p m our time (6.10 am his time).
So home I came early to wait.
I watched the flight info on line. Finally the plane landed Yipee!!...
Now the wait to see if he would manage to call.
Irv and I sat there and sat there and sat there. A couple of times the phone rang - False alarms.. then Finally an unavailable Number, uavailable name came up. (I often ignore them but not this time)  5 pm - It was Johnny... Elder Hale had pulled through. You cannot know how I felt!! :-)
He was great and talked and talked and was happy and more Happy and just ready to go. He spoke to someone in Tagalog while on the phone to us, as they passed by!!! WOW!!!
He was so Happy and his mother was too.
He had manged to buy a calling card but had no idea how long it would last.
It ended cutting out after about 5.45 His flight was leaving at 6.30 pm.. So that was it. (Read letter on details of his call s for more on what he had to say).
He sounded great!
I checked the flight again and he came to land in Manila, Philippines at 8.49 p m our time  - 11.49 a m his local time..
Elder Hale has made it to the Philippines!!! He is in great spirits and so, so  ready to serve the people there.. 



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