March 29th E-Mail

Date: March 29, 2010
Area: Burgos
Companion: Elder Abitria from the Philippines. Living also with him is Elder Saet & Elder Ward


 So we got the answer from Johnny about "BALUT"
(See info in letters on "BALUT")

First here is brother may and sister leatham's emails, [email protected], [email protected], if you could forward that first e-mail on to them that would be awesome! YesI've tried balut once, everythjing was good here til that. I havent read this weeks letters, I printed them out will read them on the jeepney back to Burgos. Thanks everyone for the mail, I can only e-mail family, but I can write hand letters, I dont know how to send them yet though, so I'll wait a while. On our first day here Pres. Vill jgave us all a copy of the BoM and an assignment, read the Book of Mormon by next zone conference and hightlight every reference to the savior. I was doing this the other day while thinking out the area of Burgos. Its like 75% members, with loads of inactives. I heard stories from other missionaries about what went on here. Things such as parties, and the only way you could get in is if you were a member and things like that. It was in the front door and out the back to quote Dad. I dont know if all the stories are true, but it is a fact that there are lots of less actives. So I was pondering this while reading the Book of Mormon and highlighting about the savior when it hit me. As missionaries "Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Chirst, by helping them receive the restored gospel, through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gilf of Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End." On every single page and every collum thus far, there is multipul references to the Savior. I heard from other missionaries that the next assignment I will get is to read the BoM again and go and highlight everywhere it talks about the gospel. Invite others to come unto who, Jesus Christ, by helping them receive what? The restored Gospel. I believe the best way to fulfill my purpose is throught the Book of Mormon. Think of it. The Savior is on every page, if they sincerly read, apply and pray about the Book of Mormon, they are coming unto Christ, they are recieving the restored gospel. If everyone here got into a seriouse study of the Book of Mormon, everyone would become converted. There would be 100% of Burgos active in the gospel. So this now raises a question, how do we best Get them into the Book. First I need to gain a stronger testimony of it, but then I need to see how to best get them into the Book. They all have agancey, but I need to Invite and Help as good as I can. This area isnt way big, so I was thinking of Bishop and how he has visited everyone, there is no reason why this area needs to be like it is, we need to go around and start asking every house about the church. If they are members do all we can to get them back, if they are not, start teaching them and them to baptism, and with both converted to the Book of Mormon. If they are converted to the Book then it will not be in the front and out the back when we leave. It is hard because the member help is not really there. They are good on Sunday, but everyone is to busy during the week. It is true there is no substitute for a member oriented missionary program. Elder Bednar is spot on, The members are the full time finders, the missionaries are the full time teachers. Every member a missionary. Well such is not the case here, but I think as we work hard, maybe the members will get excited.Anyway, if anyone has suggestions for how to be more effective I'd love to hear.We got another golden family to teach, Collin-Collin, the da is in the Army and they have 8 kids, he gave me a huge after our lesson. We should have commited them to baptism right then, but I dont have the tagalog yet, next time for sure. Sabongay were at church again and are doing great, and I taught gospel doctrain, It must have been boring as heck, I had others read straight from the manual, but I had an excuse, it was all in Tagalog, so I hope your respective quorem teacher arent being like me, they are teaching in a languege they know :). The water in our place went out again but it was fixed today. The roads here are unbelievable. New York has nothing on here. The The land of America is amazing. Just serve God and the promises are amazing, just read the Book of Mormon. Do all you can to uphold family values. Nagpakita Ang Diyos at si JesuChirst kay Joseph Smith. This is the Kingdom of God on Earth. Love you all-Elder Hale


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