April 19th E-Mail

Date: April 19, 2010
Area: Burgos
Companion: Elder Abitria from the Philippines. Living also with him is Elder Saet & Elder Ward


The sunsets here are amazing. I wish you all could see them.

They remind me of a poem from when I was in elementary school. A substitute teacher, Mr. Banks, would have us memorize it every time he would sub a class. If we had it memorized by the end of the day he gave us a candy bar as a reward. You would think after several years of him subbing and giving the same challenge every time I would have received many candy bars, but as can be seen by my Tagalog, I seldom got a candy bar.

Let me make the attempt to paraphrase it, "Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, 60 golden minutes, each with one diamond second, they cannot be found because they are gone forever."

My first cycle is coming to a close. It was just yesterday I had a sleepless 13 hour bus ride to Cauayan. Elder Abitria has been an answer to prayers. I, like Elder Brickey, have had a great trainer, and it will be sad to leave him. He has set me on a good course for my mission. We worked well together.

With him leaving I feel overwhelmed. Thursday I will be the senior in the area. I remember your counsel dad, and the counsel of President Monson,"When you are on the Lords errand, you are entitled to the Lords help."

As it says in Preach My Gospel the time we get to serve the Lord is very short. Life itself is short. So the question for all of us is what are we doing with today. "There are chances for work all around just now, opportunities right in our way, do not let them pass by, saying, sometime I'll try, but go and do something today."

I feel like I wouldn't mind "seeking to hide." But I remember President Uchtdorf's counsel,"Lift where you stand." There is a work to be done in Burgos, it is a hard work, many obstacles, but the Lord is there. That is one thing that I am becoming more aware of, the Lord is there. He will help us.

Conference weekend we had 14 investigators at church to last week 3. It is hard to know how to best help these investigators make and keep commitments, but Lord knows how. We can do it, we can overcome anything with His help.

Elder Abitria says hello and thank you to you mom and dad.

Chloe, I am so proud of you and happy about your baptism!

Thank you all for your love, concern, and prayers. -Elder Hale


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