E-mail April 26th 2010

Date: April 26, 2010
Area: Burgos
Companion: Elder Hanks. Living also with him is Elder Ward


Life in the Philippines is great! I've got a great new companion Elder Hanks. He has a lot of great ideas and experience as a missionary. I am excited to learn and grow during this follow up training period.


Elder Abitria will be missed so much. It has been an amazing cycle together. The whole falling down a hole thing was just like the movies. You are walking along and all of a sudden the person you were walking with disappears. I was the one who disappeared, I started falling and as I fell I kept going. It was funny.


The Sapongays moved their baptism date back to June, when their daughter April will be back from Manila. They are golden, and it is an understandable request.


The question for when we get back is who, out of me or Elder Ward, will kill a 340 bull elk.


This work is true. My one counsel to everyone at home is to live according to that knowledge. Apply what we heard during conference. Apply what you read in the scriptures.


Remember President Kimball, "Do it." Not teach me all that I must know, but what I must do. [President Kimball's changes to "I Am a Child of God"]


Love you all. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf. --Elder Hale


Letter received from Elder Abitria after he returned home...

Hello..i am brother Abitria, Elder Hale's first companion..
personally i would to thank you for supporting elder hale in his mission..i am very thankful because he is really so kind and i never had any hard time training him in our first area..

Your son is doing great in his mission..he actually made me feel like not going home just stay and do the Lord's work..
i am now in my place,i was released yesterday as a full time missionary..i really love being a missionary,it is the most important,most valuable thing i have in my life..

Elder Hale had done so much for me,he keeps me going until the last day of our work..i became more excited like him and thus we had an opportunity to work with the Spirit..

We really felt the Spirit most the time in our work..i hope and i pray for him that he'll going to continue what we have started..
I am confident to say that he got a great earthly parents who raised him in such a way the Lord would want him to be..i look up to you dear brother and sister Hale..you are an awesome parents!!
I learned from you even though we did not see each other..thank you so much...

My testimony grows even more stronger because of my mission, as well as my faith to the Lord Jesus Christ..I can now see the importance of His ATONEMENT for all mankind..i served Him because I love Him..

Now i am in the process of adjustments,so many things to do and it's very different now because I'm no longer wearing my name tag...

I cannot email elder hale because it is not allowed, just kindly extend my regards to him..i am still willing to help him as long as i can..

Thank you and take care...mahal ko po kayo.


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