Letter to Steve from Elder Hale

Date: May 03, 2010
Area: Burgos
Companion: Elder Hanks. Living also with him is Elder Ward & Elder Pangan


I haven't read the letter yet. I printed it out and will go home to to the bahay to read it. Thanks for last weeks letter.

Ty, good job on the yellow belt and not "cheating" to get it. I have not yet tried dog and I don't know if I will. The dogs run around all over the place and they truly look like zombies. They also have ducks, turkeys, chickens, etc. running around everywhere.

It is harvest season and the streets are paved with gold/corn and rice.

It is also election time on May 10.  Cars drive around the neighborhoods all day, blaring music for one candidate or another. Posters are everywhere. A politician parked his car in a neighborhood and every person there came out and crowded around to get a free umbrella (Maybe thats the key to getting people to church, free stuff).

All is great, thanks for the letter, can't wait to read it. I'll write back next week. Love you all.

--Elder Hale


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