E-mail from Elder Ward to set up Mother's Day Call

Date: May 09, 2010
Area: Burgos
Companion: Elder Hanks. Living also with him is Elder Ward & Elder Pangan


Elder Ward's Mum Karen & my e-mails about Mother's Day Call

* Hello Sue!
I just received this email from Jason and he me to share it with you ...... (probably so only one of them break the rules) ..... haha!  It really doesn't say much more than what Elder Hale had already said in his letter!
I hope it all works out!!  I'm getting a little anxious about the whole thing!  Our son in Puerto Rico called last night just to make sure it worked and will then call us at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday.  I wish these guys could do the same and have an exact time!  Oh well!!  You can bet that I will stay by the phone until I get that call!!  ENJOY you call!!  Karen
**k so i think this is the plan i will be calling you tomorrow or monday - saturday or sunday for you. you need to buy a calling card or something and I'll call you and give you the number to call back cause the calling card you bought for me doesn't work in the philippines so ya i bought another little one but it's weird so i have no faith that it's going to work so ya I'll call you and give you the number and you call me back tell elder hales mom if you can the same thing but you just figure out how it's the cheepest to call me then I'll call you and tell you to call me back. alright love ya!

*My reply to Karen.....

Ok Thank you Karen!!!!
They do seem to be vague.... I am presuming they will both be at the same place when they call!!!!! 
Good luck! This should be Fun!!!!! They make me laugh ... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

*Karen's Reply....

Sue - do you have the country code and city code to call them?  I can't find the email that I supposedly saved!  Does it really need to be this difficult!!  HAHA!!  FUN it will be!!! 
Thanks!  Karen  : )

*My Reply....

it is 011 63 then the number they give (should be a 10 digit one) leave out the 0 that they may give..
I am giggling away just at the thought of them both out there right now trying to set it all up....
Honestly they are hillarious......... Hahahahha....

*Karen's Reply.....

Thanks!  I think I might have figured it out - but I think after the 63 we need a city code which is 78 for Roxas.  I just figure i will have a whole bunch of ways to call and keep adding or subtracting numbers until it works!  : ) 
You are so right!  They really are hilarious ..... I would love to be a fly (or a bat) on their wall - just for a day!!!
Take Care and have a good night!

*Finally Karen gets her call.......

Hi Sue!
Happy Mother's Day!
Just a quick email before I run off to church today!  Jason finally got through last night (actually early this morning - about 1 a.m.).  He said to let you know that Elder Hale will probably call around 9:30 a.m. their time today which is 7:30 p.m. our time!  Jason said that hopefully it will work smoother for Elder Hale.  Jason couldn't figure out the number of the phone he was calling from.  It showed up on called ID as either out of area or when he called again it was a Tennessee number.  So if a Tennessee number shows up on your caller ID - you will want to answer it!  HAHA!
Good luck today!  Enjoy your call and your Mother's Day!
Take Care -- Karen


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