Brief Info on Mother's Day Phone Call May 9th 2010

Date: May 10, 2010
Area: Burgos
Companion: Elder Hanks. Living also with him is Elder Ward & Elder Pangan


I was able to say, "Kamusta"? (How are you) and Elder Hale answered "Mabuti" (Fine).
Then I said, "Mahal Kita" (I love you)
He understood me.
He says he understands more than he can speak right now.
He can read and understand Tagalog.
"Marunong Kabang mag - Tagalog?"
(Do you know how to speak Tagalog?)

He sounds the same and if anything he sounds more English (Like his mum)
I think the Filippino people speak English, English rather than American English :-).......

Things we learned from the phone call on Mother's Day....

He was speaking to us on a member's cell phone at his Bahay (Home).
He has had 3 pairs of trouseres made for 500 pesos. (around $3 each)
His Camelbak back pack works great.
He freezes water bottles over night. So he must have a freezer.?
His shoes are fine and he has to wear his leather shoes only when he is out.
His feet are fine.
He is in the Roxas West 1st Branch--about 75 members attend each week 
He is in the Burgos District.
He is in Roxas Zone.
There are 6 Zones in the mission with 3 Districts in a Zone.
He hates washing his clothes on P-Day as it takes so long in a bucket!
He travels to The Mission Home in Cauayan about every 6 weeks for a Zone Conference.
He is about 1 and a half hours by road travel from the Mission Home.
He travels by tricycle (to Roxas) a bike with a cage attached (see photos), one sits on the back of the bike and 2 or 3 in the cage . It costs 20 pesos to travel as this will a take you right to the door.
A bus costs 10 pesos but they only run about 2 times a day.
The Jeepney is 15 pesos to ride.
Question... "How many people can you get into a jeepney?"
Answer - "1 More"..
He really likes the food and eats well.
No weight loss, maybe some gain!!!
Eats plenty of rice.
Elder Ward makes fun of his umbrella!!!
He loves to talk to people.
He does not like to waste any time and loves to open his mouth to all he comes into contact with.
He will talk, share a message and invite them to commit to a visit from the missionaries and then he likes to follow up each day with them until the day of the appointment.
His goal is to visit every home in Burgos as he says it is really a small place and it can be done!

Elder Hale is loving his mission. He LOVES being on the Lord's Errand.
We can tell he is being the kind of missionary his mum thinks he is.

We will have to wait for 6 months till his next call at Christmas time.

I wanted to say , "Ingat Ka" as he left the phone but I forgot.

But Elder Hale, "Ingat Ka!  Mahal Kita" (Take care! I love you)  Mum


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