E-mail conversation

Date: May 30, 2010
Area: Burgos
Companion: Elder Hanks. Living also with him is Elder Ward & Elder Pangan


 Sue -
R U There?

Elder Hale -
yeah for a second

Sue -
Ok I wont pester you but it is nice just to have a little contact
 Yur e-mail is wonderful testimony thank you..
Thi xxxxxs is Mum

Sue -
Hi Elder Hale
I love you...  keep smiling all is well

Elder Hale -
Love you too, thanks for your prayers for me and all you do.

Sue -
R U with Elder Ward?
Sis Carlos sent us a nice letter we are probably going to meet them  june 23rd along with other Parents before they go to MTC
You're doing such great work and I love it all. Do you need anything steve has been asking .
Did you get the Photos e-mail i just sent?

Elder Hale -
thank you. Have a good first week of summer

Sue -
I will lots I can do!
How goes the language?
Hang tight for the moves...
All will be well I will be thinking of you and praying hard.
Keep safe..
 Mahal Kita

Elder Hale -
Anything, its like camping a bit. Any type of easy make food, or anything you'd use for camping in a trailer

Sue -
so food items are good mac n cheese?
those salad boxes u like??

Elder Hale -
The potatoes are awesome! Yeah anything.

Sue -
that helps a bit... Do you wear your sandals at all?
R U Ok for clothing ?
Need any more underwear?

Elder Hale -
Underwear would be cool too, for me you can never have to much. Sandals in the house. Gotta go, love you and dad so much bye

Sue -
Bye Love U too and Love to Elder Hanks thank him for looking after U..

Then I started to add his letters and thought he was gone and suddenly this came on...

Elder Hale -
Sweets and treats are awesome too. Anything. Fun suprises like the quotes and bookmarks are cool too. Hygeen stuff too. I have access to most stuff like soap and shampoo and I have a ton of BO Juice, but other things like a good bug repelant and poweder, good umbrella ext.  Anything. Just think camping in a trailer. We use to have like no bugs, but when it started to rain these last few days, a few more bugs came out.

Sue -
some people say to use a fabric softner sheet on yur belt for bugs I will send you some to try!

yes a good umbrella can't let your reputation be shot to pieces!!!


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