E-mail June 6th 2010 - 5 months on mission - Greetings From Jurassic Park -

Date: June 06, 2010
Area: First move, 2nd Area....Lagawe, Neweva, Viscia Zone
Companion: Elder Maxfield from Ogden UT


Greetings from Jurassic Park. As Dorthy said to Totto,"We're not in Burgos anymore." I'm in Lagawe, Neweva Viscia Zone.

On the back of the 1000 peso is a picture of the Banaue Rice Terraces [The 8th Wonder of the World]. This is the closest area to that, but we are not allowed to go there. Major change in scenery. Burgos was flat, and this is mountains and cooler up here than Burgos was.

Brother Brown may have served in an area around here, because I remember him telling us something about people that used this red stuff as like tobacco and would spit it out onto the sidewalk. They do that here. This red tobacco type stuff is everywhere on the ground. Beside that the place is so pretty. I can't believe it.

Jurassic Park is the best way to describe it. Thank you for your prayers and love. 

Before the Thursday transfer meeting, me and Elder Ward were trying to guess if we would be transferred or not. We guessed we would either both go, or both stay.

When we got the text from the Zone Leaders, it said I was the only one leaving. So I went to the Sapongays to tell them. I and them were a bit sad. We took pictures and they said thank you for the blessing. I think that blessing made a big impact on them. Elder Hanks and his new companion will do great with them.

It was sad to leave Burgos. Elder Hanks was a great companion, and I'd been with Elder Ward for 5 months and now no more. When we got to Cauayan for transfers, the other 4 from our MTC district were all there. We all chatted for a bit. Way good to see them all. Elders Dahlin, Farley, Hardman, and Riner. I loves those Elders so much.

At the start of transfers I was talking to Elder Lien, the batch behind ours, about how they were combining his area with another area and he was being transferred. He said he had a family in that area he was really sad about leaving. He was stressing about it the night before he said.

Transfers started and I was called to go to Lagawe with my new companion Elder Maxfield. I felt a major sense of peace that is where I was suppose to go.

They ended up not closing Elder Liens area. He went back there with a new companion. After transfers I was talking with Elder Paco, the Assistant to the President about Elder Abitria. He is in the same ward as him back in Bicole. As we talked for a bit he pulled me aside and said,"President had you assinged to Cauayan, then at the last second changed it." He said, "maybe inspitration or something." 

When we ate after transfers, our Zone Leaders came up to me and Elder Maxfield and said,"this paper says you are supose to be follow-up training Elder Lien, are you sure you are with the right companion?" 

I had prayed before transfers that whatever the Lord wanted done would be done. If I was to stay or go, I just wanted Him to help President to know His will. I felt a strong confirmation the Lord's will happened.

There is a reason for me being here. The pre-concieved idea of Burgos is one of the toughest areas in the mission. This seems to be more challenging than even Burgos.

The members are great here, but there is really 2 progressing investigators. We will change that.
I love you all more than words can describe. Thank you again for you prayers.

--Elder Hale


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