E-Mail June 14th 2010 - Cebu Temple Dedication -

Date: June 14, 2010
Area: Lagawe
Companion: Elder Maxfield from Ogden UT


I'll never forget the day I went through the temple. You remember dad. We got up early in the morning and drove to American Fork. As we descended down the hill into PG, I remember seeing the temple still lit. I pondered the great leaders I had, who had helped me to make it to this point in my life.

The session was amazing, and I left and pondered the whole day and what had occurred. It was appropriate that that evening, I went to Salt Lake City where me and my mom and dad and extended family watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert.

Temples are all about families and that was a great day that I got to share with much of my family. I thought about that first time I went to the temple yesterday, during the dedication of the 2nd temple here in the Philippines. I will never forget the way I felt  as President Monson dedicated the House of the Lord in Cebu.

The day started with us getting up and riding in the back of a truck to the stake center in Solano. We gave them our green ticket and took our seats. They started with the laying of the corner stone. President Eyring reminded us all that the corner stone of our church is Jesus Christ, without Him, all else falls.

Then President Monson started it off. He then called on President Eyring, and his wife to help. Then Elder Oaks and Bishop Burton and their wives. President Monson reminded them all that the cement is suppose to go in the crack. President Monson then called on some kids. He picked a lady in the choir who was wearing yellow, because yellow is his favorite color. He said,"I'm a printer, and yellow is the color that gives all the other colors life."

As he was heading back inside to proceed with the dedication, he had the lady who was playing the piano step away for a bit while he played a tune. After playing he stood up and said,"My mothers biggest regret is that I didn't stick with piano lessons. I thought I had better things to do. I wish I had been right." He then went inside.

The temple President and his wife spoke first. They are Mortimer's from Logan, Utah. They were followed by Elder Oaks and then President Monson. Elder Oaks mentioned how they are doing better than when he first got to the Philippines 8 years ago.

President Monson started by talking about Mortimer's. "I love Mortimer's, I've never met one who was put in charge of something that didn't have success. It's something in their genes." He went on a bit more about Mortimer's and how they will do a great job and said,"I had to approve the leader them, let's leave it at that."

As he spoke I couldn't help but think how true. I thought of Bishop Mortimer. He fit into everything President Monson said about that last name. I had a good laugh to myself.

President Monson then got sober and thanked the Filipinos for helping the Americans in WWII. "I'm a Navy man," he said.  When he said that, I thought about the WWII generation, and the amazing sacrifices they made for the freedoms we enjoy.

Most the people in Lagawe know English, because the Americans taught them when they were here. Grandpa was a Navy man too. Because of the temple, if I live worthy, I'll get to see him again, and thank him for all he has done to contribute to the blessings I have in my life, especially the blessing of the Gospel.

President Monson ended with the story of those Guatemalan saints who traveled to the Mesa, Arizona Temple, on a bus that broke down, and spent their only provisions for food, to fix the bus. An amazing story. I had tears coming down my face as President Monson then dedicated the temple to the Lord.
It was amazing. The Spirit was so strong.
Mom and Dad, you remember the day before I went into the MTC. We went to the temple. On the way out, your (dad's) MTC president (George Durrant) said to me, "Those investigators are your's for life. Be sure to get them to the temple."
That's the goal. Baptism is just the beginning. If they don't make it to the temple, what use was baptism?

Our mission picture is of a baptism with the temple in the background.

I have a testimony of this work. This is not some made up idea. This is the "Immortality and eternal life of man." How easy it is in life to forget that eternal perspective.

The Savior lived and died for us and rose again the 3rd day. He appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith. Keys of the Priesthood were restored to the Prophet Joseph Smith. President Monson holds those same priesthood keys on earth today.

The priesthood we hold as priesthood holders is that same priesthood the Savior of the world held when he healed the sick, caused the blind to see, and the dead to rise.

I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and the tangible evidence that these things are true.

In a world that is growing darker by the day, we need the strength and safety that comes from the temple. President Monson said,"You will never regret a trip to the temple."

Let us help those around us get to the temple and keep their temple covenants.  Thank you for your love and prayers. They are heard and answered.

-Elder Hale


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