Elder Wards Letter with some stories of Elder Hale

Date: June 13, 2010
Area: Lagawe
Companion: Elder Maxfield from Ogden UT



Sunday, June 13, 2010

06/13/2010 (Burgos)

WOW - What the heck BSU in the Mountain West that’s so freaking awesome!!!!! They get to play real teams now and they will get a BCS bid if they are Conference Champs for sure - there’s no way they can’t! That’s sweet!! Too bad I’ll miss it.

I got my package! o and I don’t need FOOT POWDER just body powder but it’s ok I read the stuff and it has the same ingredients just more powerful so I just use it for my body so it’s ok it will work ok if not better.

So funny story about before Elder Hale left … so after our first real rain storm I had to run and talk to Elder Hale about it. So I'm sitting there talking about it and then he was like wait what about that thunder and lightning he said he was seriously scared and was scared to hold his umbrella cause he thought he was going to get shocked then he said that’s the loudest thing ever (quote)"I almost crapped my pants the first time." It was so funny and then his comp said ya he was a bit scared he didn’t know if he should stop and find shelter or run for the house. it was funny!

Anyways did dad tell you about the flashlight I want. I want a small aluminum one but not way small just short and stubby dad knows what ones I'm talking about cause the flashlight I have just doesn’t cut it and the ones you can buy here suck. So just a nice lite aluminum one like they sell at Charles’s uncle’s store. Dad knows I want a good one that you would want to use for hunting. Elder Hale had a sweet one. But have dad figure it out.

Ya I went to the cultural event it was cool! But Cebu is in the other part of the country basically it’s closer to Manila from here than Cebu. Cebu is at the bottom of the country and I'm at the very top so I don’t think there’s any chance I’ll ever make it to the Cebu temple. Illango is a language that they speak in the Bacolod mission. There are thousands of different languages here in the Philippines. Elder Hale is in an area where they speak ifugao and I'm where they speak Ilocano and Neuva Vizcaya they speak straight Tagalog and there’s probably another 12 languages in other parts. It’s crazy but they speak Cebuano in Cebu so that’s way different. There’s 2 major languages Tagalog and Cebuano - usually the people can speak at least one of those 2 languages buts depends sometimes they can’t. So the foods are all different too. The different languages are different tribes of people so some of them make and eat different foods.

But anyways I'm running out of things to say I’m sending a package next Monday of a bunch of stuff so get excited just joking you won’t be too thrilled mom but the boys will be. Hopefully it doesn’t cost me an arm to send it.

But anyways love ya enjoy your week in the real world! Jason


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