June 20th communication with Elder Hale

Date: June 21, 2010
Area: Lagawe
Companion: Elder Maxfield from Ogden UT



Elder Hale - hello family. I just got on the e-mail. Elder Maxfield usually takes a while, so I'm going to start reading your e-mails. If you are on, feel free to respond and we can do a question and answer session as I read. I don't have a ton to say for the week, so anything you want to know, I've got some time. I think...

A few answers‏

Eventually I will need some new shoes I think. The Eccos I have here are great. I'm not sure what size they are, I looked and it has worn out the number. Dry lux is best for the day, at night I will wear the mesh and sometimes in the day. When I don't sweat, mesh is the best, when I do, dry lux. I don't think I need more mesh, but maybe some Dry Lux, its not a huge need. The mesh I'm wearing is small. I think that is the size for dry lux too, but not for sure.

Sue -RU there we are

Hale - yeah, Just finished reading your e-mail mom. Got some more  to read. 

Sue - OK can U print..them? How long has Maxfield been out?

Hale - Maxfield has been out for a year now.

Sue - that's good ... did you get the  e-mail with photos I sent? is that Maxfield?

Hale - I haven't got to that yet.

Sue - Did you see an Elder Kelson at the Cebu Temple dedication?

Hale - yes, Elder Kelsen is in my district now. He was at the MTC with us. He is one cycle behind. We stayed over night at their house on Wednesday and Thursday for zone conference, because we are a ways away.

Sue - His mum just called and is coming to the gathering!

It is dad--for once.  Is it a lot cooler now where you are?  Are you in a ward or branch?  How many members attend?

Hale - It is way cooler up here. We have about 50 members average for attendance and it is a branch. We have a member family who is unreal. The dad is in the district presidency. Sister Benhoutin says this to you for fathers day:
"The man behind a successful family is a father and the person behind a successful father is a wife... so beautiful wife... Happy Fathers Day."
She said its a complement to you both!

Dad - Are you the only missionaries in the ward/branch?  Do you have a Jollybees or any other fast food in your town now?

Hale - We are the only missionaries here. No Jollybees or major fast food restaurant, but we get to go to Salano for district meeting. They have a lot, Micky D's, Jollybee, Chow Kings ext. There is more access to food here than Burgos by a ton. On P-day in Burgos, we went to Roxas.

Dad - Is this the lady on facebook?  Did you spell it right?  Sue has been trying to find her.  Phil did his usual choke--finished tied for 4th with Tiger.

Tell the woman to find Sue Hale on facebook in Provo.  She should be able to find Sue or Irvin Hale on facebook.  Find out how she spells her name as well.

Hale - That is Phil for ya, yeah that is the facebook lady. I didn't spell it right I'm sure.

Dad - How far away is Solano?  Do you take a Jeepney or motorcycle/sidecar?  Is it a scary drive up in the mountains whenever you go anywhere? 
Are the roads paved? 

Hale - Solano is about 40 minutes to an hour away. For district meeting we take a jeepney. For Zone Meeting we took a bus for free. A member of the branch owns a bus company, their name is Imyaho and they do the Oprah thing for their bus company Ohaymi. They are rich. We ate at their house for lunch yesterday for fathers day and they had a normal American get together with great food.
The roads are paved and the scary time was going to the temple dedication in the back of a truck. These people are talented, they come way close to the egde but don't fall off =)

Dad - It sounds like the work may be tough in these first two areas.  How many investigators in your teaching pool?  Does your area just cover this town?  Or does it cover some smaller surrounding towns?

Hale - Burgos was the smallest area in the mission I think. This area is huge. It covers a ton of area missionaries have never been, but it's way far. Banoue rice terraces, the 8th wonder of the world is in our area. We are not allowed to go there though. Some missionaries did once. They are called the lost ten tribes. They got in big trouble. That is the favorite story of everyone. Senior Couples can go.
I have learned and grown so much.

The Lord directed the two of us together, no doubt about that. 

Dad - So you stay in Lagawe for P-Day and only leave town for district meetings or zone conferences?  What does it cost to use the internet?  Are the computers decent and fast?

Hale - 15 Pesos an hour I think. They run fast, just a normal computer like we have at our house.

Dad - That is great that it is a good computer.   You will learn something from each and every one of your companions.  

Hale - Hahaha, yeah, you definately will.

Dad - How is your apartment compared to Burgos?  Do you have a good water filter and bathroom etc.  Keep drinking plenty of the H2O.  That is the key!!

Do they ever have mission conferences?  Are you going to see Pres. Villanuava and his wife/family again before they leave?

Hale - Mission conferences is zone conference more or less. There are 6 zones. At the begining of the cycle, on Tuesday 2 zones attend then 2 on Wednesday and then 2 on Thursday. We all go to Cauayan City. We also have a zone Conference one other time in the cycle with just our zone.

I saw Brittney and Elder Dahlin last conference. Great to talk with them both. They are in the Northern Zone. They were paired with us this last conference. Water is bought from a purifing company. Burgos was ten times better for water, except when we first got there. Bathroom is a disaster. It's a normal toilet, but doesnt really flush well. I like the thing we used in Burgos better. Dump water down and away it goes.

Last time was last zone conference.  (last time seeing Pres V)...

Dad - So is it the rainy season?  And is it raining most days?  Is the drought over or is it like here and they always say there is a drought?  Are you near the rainforest brother Brown talked about?

Hale - I haven't got to Brother Brown's comment yet. Burgos was worse off than here in regards to drought  (I don't know if its never ending -) Most days around 4 o'clock it rains. Sometimes way hard and others for a few minutes. It's like clock work. You can usually count on it, but not every day.

Dad - Are the people as nice as Burgos and could you track this whole town out in a few weeks?  How are you doing your finding?

We use to start every day with street questionairing at least twenty people in the town square.  We always would do the flog dialogue by stating their address back to them with a wrong number than what they told us and then if the people said "yeah that's right" we knew they were just wasting our time and we would try to get them to give us a real address. 

Hale - Yeah, everyone speaks English really well here. Elder Pratt said to me when I told him I was heading here, "Your Tagalog will suffer." It hasn't yet, but I'm not perfect yet either.

Almost everyone you talk to will give you a return appointment. They may hide from you when you show up or be gone, but people will listen. So we need to do better helping them recieve that spiritual witness. This is the problem I have a lot and a lot of missionaries have.

It's not a logical thing, its a spiritual thing. This week I have seen how important a testimony is. The key to getting them to have that spiritual witness is the same way me and you are continuing to grow in the gospel, by going to church, reading scriptures and saying prayers.

Or in other words they need to make and keep commitments. They won't just do that because we say to. They need to be helped. We can help by following up every day, and bearing a SINCERE testimony to them. There is power in a sincere testimony. A sincere testimony comes from sincere study and prayer and fasting. Once a month we have a testimony meeting, that's how important hearing testimonies is and sharing them. But anyway, that was a soapbox, more or less we walk to an appointment  that is somewhat far away.

Hale - (On Utah going into another conference)..Tell ya, that will make the rivalry have more tension. That makes no sense.

Dad - The problem with the change in conference will be they probably won't play at the end of each season.  And it won't mean as much with them in the PAC 12.  The PAC 10 was bad in football and basketball last year.  Tell Elder Ward next time you see him we are going to kick Boise State's rears now we will get to play them each year :0)  Maybe we will get to see him come down to the game. 

Hale - hahaha, for sure. We had some good chats about that.

Dad - If you go to any appointment and they are not there or don't listen or won't answer the door--always knock at least 3 doors before and 3 after and have a back-up plan.  The Lord may have led you to that area for a reason ---and it may not be the person you have the appointment with.  You may be there for someone or something totally different. 

Hale - I accept that challange, if it were me, I would apply it today. Pres Villinueva counseled us on something similar. It is hard to know that's what should be going on, and having it not happen in the work. It use to pain me so much, but I've become more patient.

Hale - hahaha, thats funny, they just hid from us, Brother May said a little kid came outside and said,"My mom says she is not home." It is true that we are trying to find the elect of God, we will never know if they are 'Looking for the truth if we do not open our mouths. ........

.......it really can pain me to walk by so many people and not say something.

Sue - How long has Elder Maxfield been in the area for?

Hale - 3 months and 2 weeks. This is his 3rd cycle.

Sue  - You're doing well Elder Hale keep it up our prayers are with you each day...

....So what  R U doing right now after the e-mailing ?
Have you washed your clothes yet??

Do you wear your casual clothing to the internet store or your formal wear??

The Hamiltons were pleased to get the letter you sent them...
Dad still needs to play golf with Weston.. We gave him some money for graduation and he just sent us a thank you card... he wants to play so he can BEAT dad!!!

Hale - hahaha, thats great, thanks for keeping up with him. He would love to go golfing I'm sure. P-day clothes now. My clothes are hanging and drying. It has come that time to go, I will see you next week love you, and have a great time at the thing tomorrow or 2 days I should say. Don't embarrass me!

Sue - I won't embarrass you  I promise and I will try not to embarrass  myself as well... Hang in there and take great care ... I love you... tell your companion thank you for taking care of you and for being a great missionary for the Lord. We are praying for both of you to have great success and know what to do in your area..

Take care Elder Hale I love you very much.......


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