Elder Wards e-mail!!!!!

Date: June 20, 2010
Area: Lagawe
Companion: Elder Maxfield from Ogden UT


 June 20, 2010

June 20, 2010 (Burgos Area)

First off I hope Eric wasn’t driving my truck! Haha, just kidding! I’ve accepted the fact that he might have it all adopted by the time I get home haha. grabe! matagal na! magging asawa mo. Naintndian ka ba magging lola mo na. haha mabuting bagay hind pwede mo naitindian kung ano nagsulat ako tunkol sa iyo. Haha, just kidding if you get a translator and find out what I said haha!

But anyways, I miss Elder Hale too! It really does suck like seriously sucks but o well that’s life! What’s silly is we're not allowed to write each other either. Weird huh - but whatever.

I guess Pres. Carlos has been visiting alot of people. He went and saw Elder Naylor’s parents the other day! Haha - they have a picture with them that’s so weird.

Things are good though - beside the fact i miss Elder Hale - he made things so funny and fun! My comps great! He works hard now and we’re doing really good. I found out that last year they had 8 baptisms total for all of Burgos and I have already had 7 there. Everyone thinks I'm a missionary stud but in all seriousness it’s a 100% luck like no joke. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. (I know he realizes it isn't all luck - that he is getting a lot of help from a loving Heavenly Father who is helping him spread the Gospel! : )

But anyways the flashlight is an led but the one Elder Hale had from bed bath and beyond i don’t want – it’s a wind up one. He has another one he got as a gift for caddying at a golf course so that’s not going to help just tell Charles he will get me a good one and pay him for it or have dad. But anyways I don’t want a maglite either.

Ya me and Elder Hale would talk about England all the time. We had a baptism Saturday and we have like 6 more on the 11th so hopefully we don’t have any road blocks before then. No I'm not taking the fiber tablets. I'm just fine I'll save them just in case i develop a problem but for the mean time I'm alright.

I don’t even want to talk about football and hunting that’s the only thing i miss (well besides my lovely family of course) but i could use the book “Elk Hunting the West the Eastman’s Way” you can find it at sportsman’s or cabalas or order it at the Eastman’s magazine company. (Haha! Does he really think I am going to send this to him? : ) Haha! But seriously i don’t want to talk about it haha.

Tell dad I decided I want to become a lawyer but have a backpack company here in the Philippines! haha its fun! i just need to find a cheaper way to ship cause i shipped the backpacks and they cost me 2100 pesos to make but yet 2700 to ship! It cost more to ship it than to make it. Lesson learned .... but if my package doesn’t make it I’m going to freak out!!!! haha (but it’s ok I’m registered hahaha)! wow that would have been funny if Elder Hale heard that.

Kenna sounds too grown up and it’s crazy I’m not going to see them forever. that sucks but o well it will be so much better when i finally do see them but anyways i should get going.
mahal kita - Jason


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