E-Mail Chat - July 4th

Date: July 05, 2010
Area: Lagawe
Companion: Elder Maxfield from Ogden UT


 Sue -  R U There?
What a wonderful Testimony Elder Hale and what a wonderful week you have both had what blessings I am so excited for you...

Elder Hale - yeah, the power went off but now its up and running, maybe it will go out aain who knows. Just reading your e-mails

Sue - Oh wonderful... good old power outs :-)
Keep reading we are here...
This is mummykins... heehee!!!

Elder Hale - so you get a 3 day 4th of july this year

Sue - Yes we do friday, sat, (partial sunday - family low profile BBQ ) and Monday so actually a 4 er hahaha!!

did you do anything at all???

Elder Hale - There was a girl at church who had a USA dress on. I kept telling her she choose a good outfit to wear because of the 4th. They have a holiday here they use to call the Phil-Am day, for Philippines American friendship day. On the hundred peso they have the American flag on it. I think now it is just Philippines independence day on July 12 or June 12.

Sue - That's fun... Independence day from the Japanese???

Elder Hale - Well yeah, they've never really been their own people. The Spanish for forever, and then USA then Japan and then USA ave them their Independence. They kinda have an Identity crises. They are in Asia and have some asian things, yet a ton of Spanish influence and then American influence like their love of basketball, all watch the NBA and their Hero Mannio Packioooooooooo in boxing.

Sue - Abes sister - Katie - got engaged Friday.... Will marry in the St George Temple in October..
She will live there as her fiance owns a sod farm down there...
Not to Bedford though!!

Elder Hale - Tell her congrats for me!

Well I've got to run now, peace

OK--this is dad.  Love you, and have the best week of your mission thus far--this next week!!


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