Elder Ward's E-Mail 7/18/2010 With mention of Elder Hale!!!

Date: July 18, 2010
Area: Lagawe
Companion: Elder Apin from Quezon City, Philippines



07/18/2010 - Oh What a Difference a Week Can Make!!!

New Area: Nueva Zone
New Companion: From Colorado (No name yet!)

.... but anyways God does answer prayers and I got the best area in the whole mission. It’s so awesome

But the best part of everything is I am now in the same zone as ELDER HALE AGAIN yes it’s awesome haha.

Let me tell you about my new area. First I live in an apartment that has air conditioning. There are only 2 houses in my whole mission that have it. Also I don’t need to use it cause it’s cold enough and we don’t need it. I'm way way up in the mountains we had to cross a river yesterday that went up to our waist! It was so sick I'm in the Neuve Vizcya Zone and it's in the middle of a mountain range and our zl area that’s way close has a McDonalds. I had McDonalds the other day..... wow my area is so so sick it’s like Logan! I'm up in the mountains and surrounded by mountains but the only thing that sucks is walking to our investigators’ house. It’s so freaking high and up a hill but it’s all worth it. When you get up there you can see all the area it’s way way cool. We’re definitely coming here when you visit and skipping my last area hahaha. but it’s all roses and daisies here! Haha! But anyways love ya and talk to you next week! I might even send you some pictures. My comp is way tight too. He is diligent and likes to work it’s sweet. But ya he knows how to send pictures so I’ll send some!
love ya ......

forgot to tell you my little story about my new President. I feel like he is my best friend!
So the first time I met him we talked about football and stuff, then on Tuesday he came to our zone and interviewed some people and when I first got there he’s like Elder Ward come visit with me and before you didn’t get special interviews unless you were in trouble so I was like thinking what the heck -- I didn’t do anything!
I went in there and he was like how you doing and I was like good everything’s fine and then he said well I just wanted to talk to you a bit. So do you hate BYU now that they’re in the same conference as BSU? I laughed and was like… I like them still but it’s gonna be hard for me to continue if they beat BSU! He was like you mean when THEY beat BSU and I laughed!
Then he was like I just wanted to let you know I'm transferring you to the Nueva Zone and I was like what really cause before it was all secretive and you didn’t know until the night before so I was all shocked. He was like ya I know you wanted to spend the rest of your mission in Burgos but it’s a nice place Nueva Zone and then he started laughing and was like but if you would rather stay in Burgos your whole mission that’s fine I can make the arrangements and I started laughing and was like President I think I can settle for the Nueva Zone. He laughed and was like ya you’ll be really settling I mean good work, beautiful place, alot colder, but heck if you want I can leave you in Burgos. haha it was funny!

Then at transfers me and Elder Hale were walking through the office with our new comps and President was like Elder Ward come in her and then he was like Elder Hale come too and my new comp was like what the heck they’re in trouble already and was all worried!
Me and Elder Hale just talked to president in his air conditioned office about football and just random stuff and then we left and my comp asked what it was about and I was like nothing!
It was funny but then later we were about to leave and we were with a bunch of missionaries and President was like Elder Ward come here for a sec and grab your companion so we went into the Mission Home and he said do you like pasta? He was like do you want to eat here and of course we said yes and we sat down and he was like okay if you say you love BYU you can have ice cream, pasta, and salad so I was like no problem I love BYU and so we ate and stuff.
My Comp was like what is this all about, I feel like a VIP cause he like singled us out from all the other missionaries! It was funny!
Then I was like this is the best day of my life and President was like why’s that? I said I got transferred, I got fed American food with ranch dressing, and I got a hard working comp! It was way funny! I feel like he is my best friend already! Haha!
But anyways -- I got to go!
Love ya - bye!


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