Effects of Missionary Work

Date: October 04, 2010
Area: Aurora, Alicia Area - Roxas Zone
Companion: Elder Farley - CA -( MTC District Buddy )


I am sure you enjoyed an amazing weekend. All of us on the isles of the sea will listen to conference via satellite this upcoming weekend.

This Saturday was the baptism of Sister Ancheta. Elder Farley, me and President Ricardo were the only ones at the church as the 2 o'clock hour approached. Then I saw Elder Bayles in the road in front of the church asking us to get a key to the gate of the parking lot. Him, Elder Paco, Elder Breese and President Carlos paid us a surprise visit.

They ended up not needing a key, because President has a "trump" key. (How is Allen Iversen doing anyway?) We were more than happy to see him, because for several reasons not many people were in attendance.

Brother and Sister Ancheta came and got into white dress. 2 other members showed up making 12 of us total, including the Ancheta's 4 year old daughter. I gave a talk on enduring to the end. Richard Ancheta then entered the water to baptize his wife. He spoke softly, but didn't miss a word.

The two of them came in after changing and President Ricardo gave some remarks. Then Sister Ancheta bore her testimony of the truthfulness of this work, the Prophet Joseph Smith and of a living prophet today, Thomas S. Monson.

President Carlos then spoke to them. The message was so down to earth. He encouraged them that they could succeed on their road to eternal life. He bore testimony to them that God knows their names and that he has given us many tools so we can be successful. He then told how Richard would be leading out as they made their way through life, but told Sister Ancheta if he ever slacks, to get him into gear.

A copy of the October 2010 Ensign was given to them from President, helping them focus on the next step for them as a family, the temple. We have the best mission president in the best mission of the church.

The service was then over and Brother and Sister Ancheta got themselves and their daughter an ice cream cone. They are so great, so humble.

Elder Holland says it doesn't matter so much where we are on the path that leads to eternal life, but the important thing is the direction we are going. The Ancheta family is heading in the right direction.

On Thursday all the "Aliens" [non-Filipino's] in the mission went to Cauayan to do some renewing of passports. That was fun. Saw Sister Banks, Elder Maxfield and all the other "Aliens." There were cookies and donuts.

The deal with the cookies is you get one for free, but you can only have 2 if you can open the jar, grab a cookie and close it again without making a sound. Needless to say I ate one. Rumor has it that the Carlos' grandkids are pro's.

Tuesday I went on splits with Elder Unico here in Aurora. He is Elder Riner's last companion. Elder Unico has a way with people that is amazing. Elder Unico will go home this December. He will be such a help to those whom he is called to serve as he builds up the kingdom here in the Philippines.

Sunday  we greeted the members as they arrived for church. The elder's quorum president arrived with his family and he started talking to me about Utah. He mentioned the 2 missionaries that taught him and his family where from Utah. The name of one of them was Elder Boyer from Provo, and the name of the other was Matt Brown from Orem. I then said I knew a Matt Brown, and so he grabbed a notebook he had and opened it up. There was the name of a Matt Brown from 751 South, Geneva Rd. Sure enough those are Mountain View boundaries. He then grabbed his Ti Biblia. There was Matt Brown's name again with the date 9-11-99.

Brother Rodrigo Naelgas then asked how Elder Brown was doing. I gave him a little run down. Brother Naelgas was thrilled to hear about him and his family. We then went inside for elder's quorum where Brother Naelgas gave a great lesson on burdens from the 2009 October Conference.

As we were tracting in San Manwell Sunday evening, we stopped by the Naelgas' home. He showed me a few pictures with the then Elder Brown towering over everyone. So tell Brother Brown his convert of several years ago is doing well, and that he and his family remembers him with very fond memories.

Isn't that something. President Monson has said that we cannot escape our personal effect on others. President Monson goes on to say that we must be sure that our effect is one of good. The effect of Brother Brown's mission is still being felt, and so too is the effect of your mission dad.

Thank you dad for your decision to serve. Thank you mom, for opening your heart, listening, and acting.

I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I know Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. Thomas S. Monson is God's chosen Prophet on earth today.

Thank you for your prayers. God hears and answers those prayers.

--Elder Hale
Info from Sister Carlos about the new Temple for The Philippines...


So exciting to hear President Thomas S. Monson announce a new temple to be built in the Philippines. It will be in Urdaneta, a province adjacent to our mission. It will be a wonderful blessing for our saints here who have had to travel 10-12 hours to get to the Manila Temple. Now, it will be as close as an hour from Nueva Vizcaya, the south part of our mission, and about 6 hours from the northern most portion of our mission, Tuguegarao.

Next week, we will have a meeting with Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Twelve, and Bishop Keith McMullin of the Presiding Bishopric. I am sure there will be a lot of excitement at that meeting.


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