Typhoon Megi/Juan - News from within the Mission

Date: October 18, 2010
Area: Aurora, Alicia Area - Roxas Zone
Companion: Elder Farley - CA -( MTC District Buddy )


 News of the Typhoon that hit October 17th 2010
Sister Carlos (mission Presidents wife keeps a mission BLog and this is what her posts were as the Typhoon was coming and was hitting the Mission).....

October 15th -
Super Typhoon -
From The Carlos Blog......

The church has alerted us that a Super Typhoon (now called Megi, but will be renamed Juan once it touches ground) is headed to first touch down in Cagayan Isabella. That is the heart of our mission. We are busy asking that every set of missionaries has sufficient food and water for the next few days. Any of the missionaries in low land or mud slide areas are being moved in with other missionaries in safer apartments. Parents, please be assured that we are doing everything in our power to make sure all of our missionaries are safe. All know that if it hits they are to notify the mission office of their safety at the earliest possible moment.

In the meantime, we are praying that it will bypass Luzon. The estimated arrival is sometime Sunday afternoon or evening. We will update this blog as we receive more information. If we lose power we will update it as soon as it is restored. Please join in our efforts to call down the windows of heaven and help to divert the path of this possibly catastropic typhoon.

All are safely gathered-in - October 17th

We are officially in the middle of a sever typhoon. There is widespread power outage. We can feel very strong wind as well as rain. With the generator in the compound, we are able to have some power to maintain some basic necessities.

In case any parent is worried, all of our missionaries are safely gathered in. We started moving those who are at risk (low lying lands, mudslide prone area, etc.) on Saturday evening... We have been checking with them regularly throughout the day, and will--untill the storm is over. We have cell phone communications in all the areas where the missionaries are.. For now, nothing to worry about. This storm should pass and then the clean-up will begin.

We will update as soon as regular communications are restored..Otherwise, I can check text, email, etc thru my Blackberry.... [email protected]

Your prayers are appreciated for the continued safety of our missionaries as well as the people here. Our mission happen to be in the center of the path of this storm.

Below.... Sister Moffat is the parent of Elder Moffat who got this e-maIL OUT BEFORE THE TYPHOON HIT....

·         Kristy Hesterman Moffat - From my son...there's a huge super bagyo (typhoon) that's about to tear through our mission in a couple hours. we've been on lockdown since saturday night. we're only out to grab some more food supplies. it's about to hit. we gotta go. we're ok but please do keep all of us in your prayers right now!

Below....Jodelle lives in the Lagawe Area of the mission......

Jodelle Manghi-Imayaho signal # 4 here...but where is it?????!!!

 Super Typhoon Megi became the strongest cyclone in years to buffet the Philippines Monday, ........

The typhoon packed sustained winds of 140 miles per hour and gusts of 162 mph as it made landfall midday Monday at Palanan Bay in Isabela province, felling trees and utility poles and cutting off power, phone and Internet services in many areas.

The strongest cyclone in years to crash into the Philippines killed at least three people Monday, leaving a wasteland of fallen trees and power poles and sending thousands scampering to safety in near-zero visibility. A retired general said bracing for the onslaught was like preparing for war.

Cauayan is where the mission home is... and a few miles from Johnny's area...




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