Sister Brittney Banks' (Cousin to Johnny) E-mail day of Typhoon

Date: October 17, 2010
Area: Aurora, Alicia Area - Roxas Zone
Companion: Elder Farley - CA -( MTC District Buddy )


 Dear Family,

I don't think I'll be online for very long today. We need to get back to the
appartment. We were evacuated yesterday, and are now staying with some of
the other sisters. we have a typhoon today and it is already raining here.
not bad yet, but it should hit later on today. Don't worry, everything is
okay here. The work here is doing good. we had a baptism this weekend and
continue to progress here. of course, our trip to Banaue was cancelled. we
are all chilling out here in the sister's appartment and am just studying

I hope that you are all well now, sorry that I wasn't able to read your
letter this week, but hopefully next week. Our whole mission has been shut
down until further notice. hopefully the mission president will let you know
how we are here. my last area has already been hit and they are still
waiting for the big water that is coming their way. I love this new area
though. i'm excited to continue to progress with the work, but we might have
a lot of service after this typhoon. Any ways, I can't be long at all this
week. We need to get back to our apartment now.

I love you all.
Sister Banks


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