Great Missionaries & Tributes to Veterans

Date: November 08, 2010
Area: Aurora, Alicia Area - Roxas Zone
Companion: Elder Farley - CA -( MTC District Buddy )


Monday was the day of the dead, kinda like Halloween. I saw a few masks, but mostly I think people go to the cemetery and some have a few parties. Nothing too big.

Tuesday was district meeting. Started by talking about charity in 1 Cor. 13:1-3 then Moroni 7:45-48, then how we can show our charity and love in 5 different relationships as missionaries.

1) With Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, "If you love me, keep my commandments."

2) The Mission President. "Whether by my own voice, or by the voice of my servants, it is the same." We need to be obedient to our mission president and have a Nephi attitude of "Go and Do" and not a Laman and Lemuel attitude of constantly murmuring and whining about things.

3) Our Companions. Went over Moroni 7:45 and how charity rejoices NOT in iniquity but in truth. We show our love for our companion by not supporting, "Self destructive behavior" as Elder Oaks calls it. How charity is NOT easily provoked. It doesn't go into freak-outs because of something our companion does. How charity is kind, and we should love our companions.

4) The Members. I read a quote from President Eyring where he suggests 2 things in working with members, 1-Don't beg, and 2-Don't nag, but instead build on a genuine love for the members. He said that love shows when it is deep and genuine. So in other words, work cheerfully with them.

5) Our Investigators. Moroni 9:6, "notwithstanding their hardness, let us not cease to labor, for if we should cease to labor, we would be brought under condemnation." The best way to help them and show our love for them is to get them out of apostasy.

We talked about the restoration, and I shared the story of the father of David O. McKay. In summary, David O. McKay's dad was on a mission and wasn't getting into houses as he shared the message of The Restoration. He changed his approach and got into more houses, but a horrible feeling came into his heart. After some time, he determined he would either have to go home or get rid of the feeling. He ran up a mountain one morning and prayed to know what to do. The answer came and told him something like "testify about Joseph Smith." He said "Lord, it is enough." and again taught about Joseph Smith and The Restoration.

We then took 5 minutes to prepare a 1 minute lesson on the Restoration. We then practiced giving that lesson in an OYM (Open Your Mouth/Offer Your Message) setting. As the Elders and Sisters were sharing their messages I was blown away. They are all such great missionaries, and there was a power in sharing the message of the Restoration.

Thursday we had a bunch of appointments in Bagong Tanza, and as luck would have it, Wednesday night and Thursday all morning it was raining a good amount, and when we went to the Tricy place we were told no rides were going out there, due to the river overflowing.

We started walking out to Bagong Tanza till we got to the spot where the river is. It was running over the road, and a crowd of people were watching as a few waded through the water on foot, one guy got help to carry his motorcycle across and one Jeepney cruised through. It was funny to watch for a second and then we turned back and started tracting.

It turned out to be good, because a lot of people were inside due to the rain. We got several people to say we could come back, and we gave a lesson to this 26 year old guy and his friend. We talked about their potential in life and how Satan knows their potential and does all he can to keep us from our potential. We explained Satan wants them miserable and God wants us happy and how our message is God's plan for us to be happy. We got a return appointment, but when we went back to one of the guys houses, he was gone to the hospital with one of his daughters.

The rain/clouds this last week made it cool, so the missionaries could survive the no power thing, but the farmers were not as happy, because they need sun so they can dry their rice on the streets.

We had some new investigators Friday, and when we were walking home, we discovered a pizza joint. We tried it out and we will for sure be back. It's been open for 3 months, and don't know how we've missed it these last few months.

Saturday we got out to Bagong Tanza and were able to teach those people we didn't get to Thursday.

In fast and testimony meeting, President Ricardo started by sharing about prayer, and how his kids in Manila were worried for him as the storm came, but they prayed and he bore testimony of the power of prayer. One of the priests got up and said how grateful he was for the missionaries who taught him, and how he doesn't know where he would be without this gospel. Richard Ancheta got up too.

Yesterdays Spirit-filled sacrament meeting would not have been possible if it were not for the sacrifices of those whom we honor on Veterans Day. Think of it for a moment. Without the sacrifices of those in the Revolutionary War, there is no restoration. Without the service of those in World War II, there would be very little for the church here in Asia. I am grateful to all who have been willing to sacrifice for the cause of liberty.

I know this is God's work. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind.

Thank you for your prayers and everything you do.

--Elder Hale


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