From Elder Farley the weekly e-mail at the passing of Uncle Doug Banks

Date: November 16, 2010
Area: Aurora, Alicia Area - Roxas Zone
Companion: Elder Farley - CA -( MTC District Buddy )


Hi Sue,

I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your brother-in-law. Our prayers will certainly be with your family--it sounds as though it was unexpected.

I'm forwarding Drew's email. The first part tells his account of Elder Hale and Sister Banks getting the news. Elder Hale may not have felt much like expounding about other things this week, so the rest of the email will fill you in on that, too.


-Well... This certainly has been an interesting week.  Tuesday Elder Hale got an email about his uncle going into surgery for his heart, but it didn't sound too serious.  Well Thursday the AP's come over and drop off a couple packages in the morning for Elder Hale, they were just passing through. But later that night the came back, they said "Elder Hale, we have a text from President that you guys need to be at the mission home tomorrow at 10:00am.  We really had no idea why we needed to be there, we were guessing a lot the night before. It crossed my mind for a split second, and I said, "What if something happened in our families?" Elder Hale said, "Don't even say that."  Well we got to the mission home the next morning, we walk through the doors and low and behold Sister Banks, Elder Hale's cousin who's in the mission, is standing there with her comp, too, and they too have no idea why we're there. Then after a few minutes I kind of figured it out.... Sister Banks' dad was the one having surgery.... Well President comes in coming from Manila, and he calls Sister Banks into the office, shortly after, Elder Hale. Then Sister Carlos comes up and says, "Sister Banks' father passed away". President came out close to tears and went into another room. They both spent about an hour in his office, then President called me in there, talked to me a couple minutes, then brought in Sister Banks and Elder Hale He blessed Sister Banks and had me bless Elder Hale. It's been a rough week. While at the mission office I really felt a portion of their pain, I really did. But after the blessing I gave I felt all the grief that I felt and burdens leave me, and I was grateful for the time I was allowed to feel their pain. It was a beautiful blessing. I know they'll both be comforted in this hard time.

   So Elder Hale has been in a bit of a funk these past few days, we're just trying to act like normal, although whenever we stop laughing there's a bit of a heavy spirit still. I'm just trying to go by the  spirit right now. So that's what has been going on this week. Please pray for them.

   So, in other less important news. I'll just keep writing like normal now.

  I told you I'm getting transferred, so this was my last Sunday at church in this area, and this family "Tabios" who we'd been teaching and stuff, they promised to go to church before I left. Well, I left a note at their house on Saturday because they weren't there. Well, they came to church last Sunday! Sister Tabios was like "You and your note!" haha, I think it really touched her. Well they had a good time, and afterward I was like, well, let's do this again next week! I won't be here but you can be! They were like, "Even if you aren't here, we're gonna keep coming again" WOO!. Bittersweet week.

   Two Sundays ago the husband of Sister Ancheta got up and bore testimony. He talked about how grateful he was for the gospel, and how grateful he was that his wife is finally a member, and he thanked the Elders that taught her (us) and expressed his gratitude, it was nice. He's a way cool guy, he's like "Elders give us your addresses in the states, give us a picture before you leave" . It's great to see their whole family going to church, she's only missed one Sunday since she started coming to church, maybe 2 1/2 months now, they're going great. 

   And to make this an even more interesting week, we got a referral for this "Domingo Candelario" guy, and we got a referral for this 16 year old girl too, and the AP tells me, "Hey, this is her stepfather." The one referral is the other referral's stepfather is what we gathered, so we go looking for this guy, and he's in a far out area where we only have 1 member family, and we finally find him, and we're thinking the Elders in Echague, this one area, referred him to us, so we go, his drunk son is there, but he's not TOO horribly drunk, he's like, "He just went to get buy a couple cows, wait a few and he'll come back" and so we waited.  But yeah, so we finally talk to his wife, she's like "oh he won't be home til later tonight." She was really nice though, and she's like "where did you get his info?" "Echague?" He hasn't been to Echague...." but we showed her the name and address and she's like "yep that's him for sure".

So we eventually set an appointment for Wednesday and leave, but when we're walking down the street this kid stops us and is like "Thats him!" And this dude with 2 cows walks into the backyard we just left, so we go back. And as we were leaving these 2 girls walk back there and one of them is like "Yeah, I have a pamphlet like that in the house (lesson one pamphlet we left)" Well when we go back we talk to the dad and we go "Hey, so you met the Elders?" he goes "no, never met and missionaries before". We're like "Do you know any Mormons?" He's like "no" We're like, "you been to Echague?" he's like "No" So we show him his info he's like "well that's me."

 He was actually surprisingly nice, and he agreed to let us teach his family a lesson. He and his wife finally decided he must have been drunk and talked to the Elders somewhere. Well we sit down, turns out the girl who said she had one of our pamphlets, she's his daughter. And we start teaching and realize that she's holding a Book of Mormon, and she has all the pamphlets!!!!! We're like "Where'd you get all that?" She's like "I studied with the Sisters in Alicia" !!!!!   She goes, "I was supposed to get baptized Nov 13 but I left. !!!!!  She goes "When is President Monson coming to the Philippines?" !!!!   So turns out SHE was the referral, the name we got though was her stepdad. They didn't make it clear that it was her we were looking for. It turned out to be a major blessing because we were able to teach the whole family instead of just her! Anyway they're all really receptive, I think they're a great golden family. The drunk guy said his dad is "Always searching for the truth, and has tried a bunch of religions". I think they are SO golden. We always find a golden family right before I get transferred!!!!

   So I asked the girl, "So how did you find the church?" She had been at a friend's house, and the missionaries taught, and she says "I asked if they could come teach me too in Alica" I asked her "why?" She goes, "Because I knew it was true." I was like "You heard one lesson, and knew it was all true?" She's like "yeah". I tell you I wanted to just give her a huge hug!!! I mean where do you find faith like that?!!?!?? I was just blown out of the water.  I'm lucky we get to teach them one more time before I leave. What a great family.

   We also went to find the other referral, the 16 year old college student from Echague, and it's also in a way far out area, but me and Elder Hale are cheap, so we were walking there. It was only a 15 minute walk left to the town when this trike pulls up with this silver haired guy and he's like "Jump in". I figured he couldn't possibly want to charge us seeing as we were so close to the town, so we just jumped in no questions asked.  Well we start going and he's like "Who are you looking for?" And flips over a book laying next to me, I look at it-- GOSPEL PRINCIPLES!!!! I mean that doesn't just happen!!!!  So yeah, he helped us find the referral, she wasn't home though, hopefully I can get you guys a better ending to that story.

   Well I love you all and I'm doing good!

--Elder Farley


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