Hello Orem.. my news for the week

Date: November 21, 2010
Area: Aurora, Alicia Area - Roxas Zone
Companion: Elder Valdez - Orental Mindanoro, Philippines


Hello Orem, Utah. Let me start by saying I have a new companion. He is a "greeny" as they say. His name is Elder Valdez from Orental Mindanoro Philippines, coming straight from the MTC in Manila.

He is the brother of an elder in the district, Elder Acha (half brother). He has been homesick. The
week has been full of "punts" or "rejection" so I'm sure that hasn't helped. He has been an inspiration to me. Really a great elder. As he gets through these first few weeks I'm sure he will be fine.

I am the only American in my district now and one of 2 in the zone. They pulled the sisters out of Malig, and added two Filipino elders. The new zone leader is Elder Rondillia, from Vascia Zone. Then Elder Acha got a new companion and Elder Viernes, and Sister Dalisay.

Elder Valdez has some luck, the power came on Friday, but it is only in a radius of like 3 blocks and the businesses along the highway, so score for us. The hard thing with teaching is 5 and 6ish is when everyone,
especially the males, are home from work, but with no power, no teaching at prime time. It should hopefully be on in most these other areas this week.

Wednesday Elder Farley said goodbye to everyone, and packed his bags. He didn't get moved too far, up the road 15 or 20 minutes to San Manteo, but a different zone. He is follow-up training there. Elder Ward was the only other one from the batch at transfers. He is follow-up training in Tagagero Zone, which is quite the difference in temperature compared to Viscia.

We went on an very long hunt last Sunday, November 14th for a referral from some sisters in another area. We went looking for a Domingo Candalario in an area of Aurora we don't work, because it's pretty far. When we finally found his house Domingo and his wife said they never talked to the missionaries and didn't have the slightest idea why we were referred to them. They finally decided he must have been drunk when the missionaries came by.

Then his daughter, 15 or16 years old, showed up, went into the house, and came out with The Book of Mormon and 3 pamphlets we give out. We then asked about where she got those. She had been taught by the sisters,
and then moved to our area just before her scheduled baptism date. She remembered about prophets and other things.

So after we had closure on that, we taught them, and committed the whole family to join in the lessons. We
were way stoked. Then me and Elder Farley came back Wednesday for the return appointment and as happens in this work the excitement turned to some disappointment.

We came back to a dad in the bukid and a mom drunk. We said we'd try Friday to the daughter, and went home. Me and Elder Valdez went back Friday and taught them all again. It was a good lesson and we committed them to church. The mom and daughter gave a really promising yes and the dad shied away. So we left happy and excited again.

Sunday rolled around and no show. Disappointing, but we did have Jocelyn and Peraldo at church and one
of our new investigators Emma. 

Emma is 19, and Saturday we were walking down the road in Bagong Tanza and got waved down by a member to come inside. We came inside and she said her niece, Emma, had read some of our pamphlets and parts of the Book of Mormon and wanted to know more about her aunt's religion.

We were excited and our excitement was added to when she showed up to church yesterday. Sunday after church we taught her with President Ricardo present. She is really promising.

The key to true conversion is the Book of Mormon and prayer. You would think those are the two easiest things
to get people to do. But it's amazing how "busy" people's lives get when it comes to listening to the missionaries, coming to church, or reading and praying.

Anyway there are a few highlights of the week. Thank you for your prayers, and for all you do for me. Love you so much.

--Elder Hale


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