"The Rest of the Story"

Date: December 06, 2010
Area: Aurora, Alicia Area - Roxas Zone
Companion: Elder Valdez - Orental Mindanoro, Philippines


We showed up at JR's house Sunday morning to get him for church.
He was wearing this really nice looking shirt and said to us, "go ahead, I'll be there in a second."

So we go to church. Priesthood starts and a little later in comes JR, with this sleeve-less, Back to the Future vest on, red and black, that is advertising Red Horse, an extra strength Filipino beer company.

I was just happy he was there, but couldn't help but think everytime I've ever seen him wear anything it had been very presentable, until he decided to dress-up for church.

Jocelyn is a talker. She loves to talk. I've come to find out that when Elder Valdez gets going into a lesson, he likes to talk too. Now imagine what might occur with Elder Valdez and Jocelyn getting together. I'll tell you it was a sight to behold when we went to teach Jocelyn and Peraldo for the first time.

Jocelyn and Peraldo really enjoyed testimony meeting yesterday. In our lesson later Sunday night Jocelyn said she started crying as the members went up and bore their testimonies of this Latter-Day work. She later asked if only members could go up. We said anyone could, and she said, "well I'll have to wait for next month, I have a lot to say."

Jocelyn and Peraldo are really amazing. On one of their first Sundays our Sunday School teacher thought they were members. We have taught them all the lessons and are going over things that are a little unclear. They are waiting for January to get married.

Elder Valdez is still a little homesick, but is doing much better than his first week.That first week can be a hard ajustment.

Speaking of home, thank you for those little gift things. I've had a good smile.

I remember early in the morning, mom, while you would make me a toaster strudel or two before school, or while in the Toyota Corolla on the way to school we would listen to Paul Harvey as he told, "the rest of the story."

In our last leadership training meeting, President Carlos bore his testimony of the Savior. He mentioned how we as missionaries go out and tell others, "The rest of the story," about Christmas and the Savior.
Jesus Christ's Atonement is the central message of the plan of salvation, and our central message as missionaries. The Prophet Joseph Smith said that all other things pertaining to our religion "are only appendages to it."

Joseph B. Worthin said, "In face of danger, ridicule, and threat of death, they (the apostles) entered palaces, temples, and synagogues boldly proclaiming Jesus the Christ, the resurrected Son of the living God. Many of them offered as a final testimony their own precious lives. They died as martyrs, the testimony of the risen Christ on their lips as they perished. The resurrection transformed the lives of those who witnessed it.

Should it not transform ours?" 

As missionaries, and all of us as life-long missionaries are charged with the call to "Invite others to come unto Christ, by helping them receive the restored gospel, through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end."
"Don't expect the worlds solutions to the worlds problems to be any good," said Elder Neil A. Maxwell.

Whatever the sorrow, hardship, pagsubok, tukso, etc. I know Jesus Christ and His Gospel that was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith is the only way "out of darkness, and into the light." 

I know Jesus Christ lives, and guides this church through a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

Many in the world know the Christmas story, but it is up to you and to me to humbly help others know, "the rest of the story."

--Elder Hale


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