Happy New Year - Reflections of 2010

Date: January 03, 2011
Area: Aurora, Alicia Area - Roxas Zone
Companion: Elder Valdez - Orental Mindanoro, Philippines


Happy New Year!

On Saturday I went to Burgos, my first destination (area) for the baptism of Marvin and Marlon Sapongay. "My hole" was covered with dirt and I saw several members of the old branch and I could understand what they were saying. I told Elder Abitria after a few weeks that the branch president was the hardest to understand because of his accent or something, but that wasn't the case yesterday.

It was a really great morning. I love the Sapongay family so much and all of those people in Burgos. Memories came flooding back and I could see what Elder Maxwell said in one of his conference talks, "How merciful the Lord has been." As I look back at the year 2010, the Lord truly has been merciful and it is overwhelming to think of it.

After the baptism, we met up with the zone leaders (Elder Dax and Bayles), and had our investigator, Leo Lauranio, interviewed for baptism. He is good to go for this next Saturday at 10am. After the interview we dropped by the Lagusca's house. President Lagusca (2nd councilor) and sister Lagusca sat us down for food. So good.

As we ate we chatted with President Lagusca. He brought up how people don't understand the apostasy. We then started talking about the church Christ established when He was here on earth and about prophets through out the whole Bible, apostasy, restoration, Book of Mormon, how we can pray to know for ourselves extra. By the end, we were all ready to go out and explain this to everyone here in Aurora. The next day in church President Lagusca got up and bore testimony of the truthfulness of our message.

After the Lagusca's food we went to some investigator's houses. We sat down and asked them why it's important to come to church. They gave great answers (because they are all great people). Then we asked why some people don't go, even though it's so important. Great answers again. We were all on the same page and we committed them to come to church tomorrow at 8 and they agreed to come.

They must have had "Sunday morning sickness" because they were missing. We did have Jay-Jay, a 20-year-old less active we have been working with in attendance with his grandma and JR (not the Sunday best JR) and his wife (Leo, Joclyn and Peraldo really did have Sunday morning sickness, we can confirm that, and as for everyone else, well... =).

I love them all and we will do a better job helping them come to church this week. Priesthood was a great lesson from brother Nelgus on Elder Costa's (Presidency of the 70's) talk on prophets. They went through those 14 fundamentals and they were kinda questioning/debating/commenting over a couple of them (just like any priesthood quorum/high-priest group). I thought it was interesting that those 14 points were repeated later on in the conference, giving a second witness to their truthfulness.

I am grateful for a living Prophet of God, President Thomas S. Monson. I am grateful for the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel and every blessing that comes from The Restoration, they are countless. God lives, and hears and answers every prayer. Jesus Christ lives and stands at the head of this church.

I know everyone is ready to get back to work and school, because the break was way too long, so I'll let you go. Love you and have a great week.

--Elder Hale


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