New Area, New Companion and New Assignment

Date: February 14, 2011
Area: Cauayan City - Zone Leaders
Companion: Elder Cabanacan -


Elder Hale has been called to serve as Zone Leader for Cauayan Area
His new companion is Elder Cabanacan (who happens to be very small but one of the hardest workers in the mission)..... this should be a great experience for Elder Hale .........

Here is his first letter from the Cauayan City Area........

Greetings from the best area, in the best zone, in the best mission in the church: Cauayan 1st Branch, Cauayan Zone, Cauayan Mission.

I think you already know (hahaha, sorry). Most my mission has been mountain and farm, this is city with tricy's going every which direction non-stop. It was kinda sad to leave Aurora. I love the members and investigators there. Merson should have had his interview this last week and a baptism this Saturday.

While it was kinda sad to leave, this place is awesome! I got to walk into a baptism of 3. Bryon Delmendo (16 years old but is huge, especially for here in the Philippines). Jay-ar and Amanda Meronduki were also baptized. They are 10 and 9 years old.

Amanda got up to bear her testimony after the baptism, and started great, "Sisters and Brothers," then silence. An Aimee who-ha was beginning. The silence was broken by tears and I looked to see who was going to come to her rescue. Nobody, so I got up and tried whispering some stuff into her ears, but the tears kept coming. I tried to get her to come sit down, and eventually she did.

It's been years since the church has lost someone due to testimony, but yesterday was a close call. We had our baptism with Branch 2 in Cauayan, the sisters. They had 3 people baptized, a mom and 2 teenage kids. There are 3 sisters in that branch and they share the area with the AP's Elder Mulliner and Rondillia and we share a house with them (AP's). Hahaha, so cool, haha.

My companion and fellow zone leader is Elder Cabanacan. He is a great missionary, really one of the best. He is next to me e-mailing right now. I could ask how tall he is, but I am sure he is sick of that question. Ok, I'll ask.  He says he doesn't know, shouldn't have asked, anyway, you can judge off of the picture attached.

We had a training for our 2 new District Leaders on Friday. One of them is Elder Farley. President got us Zaggue after (a dang good shake/drink place kinda like Jamba Juice).

President was saying Friday that his office is having some problems. Every so often the voice of the Cougars comes on and starts talking about people getting Jimmered and stuff. I am sure he will try to fix the problem before the MWC Basketball Tournament and March Madness =).

We have some great investigators. I'll tell you more about them after I get to know them a little better this week. Church was great and so are the members. Elder and Sister Larson are assigned here in Cauayan, so they came to our branch for church this last Sunday. Senior couples are like gold in a mission.

Saturday Morning we went to Negilian and helped the Branch President there get some priesthood holders active. As we were working I noticed something being roasted in the back of someone's house. It was a dog. So you can tell Tyler I have now seen a dog being prepared to eat, but after seeing it, I think any possible chance of me eating one has gone.

There is a new RM to the branch, and he is friends with the Larson's (He flew to Cauayan with them). I am excited to work with him.

I know our Heavenly Father lives and hears and answers prayers. I know that Jesus Christ is central, the very key, to the plan of salvation. He lives and His atonement is a reality. No matter what bad things have happened, are happening, or will happen in life, the atonement of Jesus Christ can make it OK. This is His church lead through a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

--Elder Hale


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