Safety Update due to Japanese Quake

Date: March 14, 2011
Area: Cauayan City - Zone Leaders
Companion: Elder Cabanacan -


(A second short note on what the effect of the earthquake/sunami was for them):

We had a district activity that went longer today to some falls, smaller falls, a hike and a lunch. Friday I was on splits in San Mateo with Elder Farley and we got a call from Elder Rondillia saying our area was closer to the Magit Dam so we needed to leave and stay the night in Cabatauan with Elder Kelson and Elder Rockaberte due to the Chunamee (as they say here).

Us and I think a couple of areas close to rivers were on a lock down about 7 Friday night. We played cards at the Russell's house that night. They live right in the back of the Cabatauan Elders house. No damage, just a safety call for us here.

Have a good week, enjoy the 3 pictures. Love you both so much!!!

--Elder Hale

The following message was from Elder Hale's first companion in the Philippines ....

Vhictor wrote: "yeah we were under tsunami alert last friday but we're very grateful we did not experience that much..the waves just grew little bigger and i'm living away from the cost..thank you for your prayers it was have a very big heart..take care.."

We are so greatful they are all safe in the Philippines but send our love and prayers to those in Japan. - Sue


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