Sister Carlos' "Only in the Philippines"

Date: March 19, 2011
Area: Cauayan City - Zone Leaders
Companion: Elder Cabanacan -



Only in the Philippines

Every day I see something that just makes me do a double take. Here are a few recent things I've seen.

Only in the Philippines...

Do they dry tobacco in neat rows in the sunshine. Once they are dried they move them under shelter to protect them from the rain. There is quite a lot of tabacco grown in this part of the Philippines and actually it smells really good when it's drying.

Do you see tons of trash lining the banks of beautiful rivers. People bathe, play and wash their clothes in these rivers. Here I'm working with two wonderful sisters and couldn't believe all the heaps of trash along the river banks.

Are pigs tied up in the strangest places. Here was a grouchy piglet that was tied to a stake along a busy pathway. When I took his picture he snorted at me!

Do you see missionaries clinging to the side of Jeepneys. We were headed to Nueva Vizcaya and drove through the busy town of Santiago. There was Elder Brown hanging on the side of a Jeepney!

Do you see tons and tons of wires at every intersection. No wonder they have so many "brown outs!"

DO they love roasted pigs so much that they make bread replicas at fancy bakeries. This one was purchased at the wonderful Crown Bakery in Tugeugarao and served at Elder Larson's birthday party.

Do they have hibiscus growing wild along the side of the road that are bigger than a dinner plate. This one must have been a foot wide! It was glorious.

Is everyone selling something! This street vendor had several hundred baskets, mirrors, ratan shelves, and chairs over a bamboo pole that he carried on his shoulders.


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