All is Fine

Date: March 27, 2011
Area: Cauayan City - Zone Leaders
Companion: Elder Cabanacan -


I'm doing fine. Elder Cabanacan had to deal with me getting Jimmered all Sunday night into Monday morning. I've heard the stories of your mission sickness so I figured I had to do something dramatic. I felt bad that night and Monday. Tuesday my voice was struggling speaking but I was fine after that. No harm done.

Elder Cabanacan joined the church in December 2007. He waited a year and turned in his mission papers. While waiting he would go door to door in the evenings selling your favorite food balot (balot is an evening food) [duck egg and considered a delicacy]. He saved some money and headed on his mission. His dad is a fisherman in the sea. They have a boat and motor for the boat (I don't know what kind, tell Matt sorry).

Elder Valdez's place is by the sea too. When I was with Elder Valdez he would say how he misses the sea. In our mission we don't have any opened areas at the sea shore. As we would come and go to a river or puddle, I'd ask him if that was what the sea is like :-). They have both told me about the fish they miss eating that are as big as Elder Cabanacan.

Anyway, Elder Cabanacan is the only member in his family. He was a referral and when the missionaries came by, he told his mom to tell them he was not there. His mom told the missionaries at the door, "he said he is not here." So the sister missionaries walked on in and started teaching. He had to ride his bike about 30 minutes to get to church, which was quite a bit further than the Catholic Church where he attended and sang in the choir.

Elder Valdez's brother, Elder Acha went home Wednesday night along with Elders Rondilia, Hausia and others. It was sad to see them leave.

At transfer meeting two areas in our zone were moved to Illagan zone. Then the area in Cabatauan turned from Elders to Sisters and one of the Sister in Cabatauan is none other than Sister Banks :-).

So the zone is 2 sisters in Nagullian. 2 sisters in Cauayan Branch 2. The assistants (new assistant Elder Bangal) in Branch 2, us in Branch 1, 2 sisters in Cabatauan, Elder Farley and Schmidt in San Mateo and 1 Elder and 1 part-time Elder in Victoria who is waiting for a mission call. We only have one district now, Elder Farley is still the district leader.

We ended up not having the interview for Shina and Nick, but are planning for this Saturday. Nick is great. Him and Sister Margie have such great personalities. We were asking him if he knew what tithing was. He said no, and as we started to teach about it, he said, "oh yeah, Margie told me about the ten percent." He accepted it and agreed to live it when he is a member. He has an arm full of tattoos and has made an amazing turn around in his life.

Our new house is treating us great. Some of our neighbors are now investigators. Sister Jake is a widow and has 2 kids John Paul age 13, Kenken 11, and is living with her nephew Tonton 19 (just finished his first year of college with good grades) and her parents. We met her the same day she quit her job as a nurse, and was feeling really worried about her future with no work at the moment. They are really receptive to our teachings and have committed to come to church next week. They are way exited about that.

When looking at the Larson's camera I saw a picture of Raffy, wearing white baptismal clothes. Raffy is from Aurora and he was baptized a couple of Saturdays ago. Attached is a picture of me and Elder Kelson on splits a couple of weeks ago. The Villanuava's gave us some of their freshly harvested corn to eat.

Then Me and Doy, the next door neighbor in Aurora whose name was always being yelled, especially early in the morning. Then me and Raffy. The last one is for Tyler, Connor, Ian and Shammus. That is a dog. I did not eat it. I saw it cooking and thought you'd like that.

We were given a challenge around Christmas time by President Carlos to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days. I am coming to the end of that. I know The Book of Mormon was written for our day, for the trails we all face now. I feel closer to our Heavenly Father because of that Book.

I know He lives. I know He loves us. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to Atone for us. I am grateful for the events of the Restoration. I am grateful for living Prophets and Apostles and for the opportunity we have to hear them speak these upcoming weeks. The heavens are opened. Enjoy your conference weekend this week.

Thanks for putting up with me for 20 years ;-). Love you both. Thanks for all you do.

--Elder Hale


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