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Date: August 15, 2011
Area: Maputo T3
Companion: Elder Russon


 this week was very very interesting. so we got transfers on Monday but some complications came up i was supposed to be with Elder Da Veiga a native from Cabo Verde, but the other companionship in the branch had some complications one was getting transferred up north and then on Monday night (after transfers were official)the other got his visa to go to Angola. so since elder Da Veiga was here in the city he started walking in the other area. and i walked with a branch missionary waiting for my new new companion Elder Russon. since he was up north he didn't get here till Sunday morning. so Elder Russon is my companion now he is from Utah. This week was very difficult because I'm still having a hard time with the language but i was forced to speak it, cause until Sunday i was the only English speaker in t3. i felt pretty alone. and i had a room to myself which was weird and i didn't speak hardly any English until Saturday at the baptism. So on Saturday Bendito was baptized and it was way cool he was way prepared and will be an amazing member here.
 I taught alot this week and it was great cause i felt like i was kicking down doors with the spirit. but thier doors would be really easy to kick down here and some people dont even have doors just curtains or a sheet of tinroofing.
 it is redicuosly cold here still it was statrting to warm up more and then it got colder. i've worn my sweater every morning now for a few weeks. this morning it started to rain and has not yet stopped raining. but luckly our power did not go out because of it.
not much else happened this week. but it definatly was a good one.


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