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benvindo ao inferno

Date: September 05, 2011
Area: Maputo T3
Companion: Elder Russon


 So summer has offically started and it hit really hard. on thursday it was 27 degrees and the next day it hit 40 degrees. luckly it was just one day it should stay between 30 and 34 the rest of the summer only rarely will it get higher. at least thats what the mozambiqueans say and everyone of them says something different.
 Yes, benedito is 23 years old.
 the African Games started on saturday so this week it will be difficult to talk with people at night cause they will be watching them and it also made it difficult to get into the city cause they are here in Maputo and all the chappas are driving to the stadium mostly. It would be cool to go to the games cause they are free and the stadium is huge but, we probably only would be able to go if we had an investigator there. and we actually almost did cause we have an investigator who played professional soccer for the Mambas. abd his daughter who is a member plays very well but she missed the tryouts to play in the games. but we might try.
 the universal church has put up signs about the day of decision, apparently it is on september 26.
 a member that we have been trying to get married for more than two years has only one more piece of paper work to do and then she will be married, so that is wonderful.
 we had our helping hand service project this saturday and we cleaned up a school and all the kids who go to the school were there to do it as well because they do a manditory cleaning every two months. and it was rediculous. it actually made me a little angry just how racist people here are. basicly the kids and adults who werent members stared at us and did apsolulty nothing else. when i tried to greet them and say hows it going they would just stare and not do anything. it was ridiculous.
 at church yesterday President and Sister showed up. I had my first interview with president and it was intense. he is a very intense guy. and then i forgot to shave that morning so Sister was making fun of me.
 that was my week basicly.
com amor Elder Kendall


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