Elder David Archuleta In Chile

Date: September 25, 2012
Area: El Parque, Chile
Companion: Elder Cordova


So one of the families that we are working with consists of a mother, daniela, and her three children, matias, jenifer, y natalie. Jenifer is about eighteen years old and the only one that consistently goes to church. She has been bringing her younger brother Matias along with her who is about ten years old but hasn't been baptized yet. We are currently preparing him for his baptism. While visiting less active families one night, we went to their house and give a spiritual thought with their family and the mother Daniela, even though she doesn't actively go to church, told us to help prepare Matias for baptism. Whats great about helping him with that (visiting their house like twice a week and teaching him) is that we are doing just as much work with helping get Daniela back to church as well. They are such a great family and I look forward to the progress that they will make. Another group of people that we work with regularly are investigators named Victor and Sonya. We were knocking doors a few weeks ago and came to their house and Sonya answered the door. She told us that she had conversed with missionaries in the past and her husband Victor had even received a blessing from missionaries awhile ago for his health. When she called for Victor to come outside and talk with us I remember feeling my eyes water. Victor is an older man that has had trouble with health all his life. Consequently, he has bits of his fingers that have had to be cut off. He walks slowly and with a limp. You look in his eyes and can tell that he´s worn and tired. We were able to give him a blessing that first time meeting with them and have been teaching them ever since.
Carissa, you´ll like this; this week I got to spend a little bit of time with Elder David Archuleta. He´s not in our mission, but he and some other elders in his mission (Rancagua) were in Santiago to see a doctor for an elder that needed medical work done at the same time as when my companion needed to see a doctor here (he´s fine now by the way). We got to chat with Elder Archuleta and other elders outside the main offices for a little. It was sweet just having a normal conversation with him and other people...nothing at all about him being famous or even directed at him at all.  Also, Sammy, the first thing I asked him was if he knew you haha and that was funny. Ohh and what made me even more excited about talking with him and some of the other elders in the Rancagua mission was that they will most likely come to Santiago when Elder Bednar comes here to visit our mission (haven't told you guys that yet). And so what that means is I'll get to see Brett Baker! But the other elders weren't for sure on if their whole mission was coming to Santiago then... so we´ll see.
I had such a good conversation with our bishop here. He speaks decent English and understands it perfectly (so we had a heart to heart spanglish conversation). We were able to talk about his call as bishop. Man let me tell you guys there are some strong members here. You can really tell how much of a blessing the gospel is to people by the sacrifices they make for it. I am so impressed and humbled by the people here in the church and what they do to help build the Lord's kingdom, especially when many of them have so much less than we do (financially, family, health, everything). I am seeing, experiencing, feeling so much. It's a bummer that I'm only able to share so little with what goes on. But at the same time I know that this is such a personal and special experience that I have to serve the Lord, and because of that the main worry that I need to have is focusing on his work. I am honored to be laboring in his vineyard in helping to bring others peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come. Love you all so much. I continue to pray for your well being every night.
Elder Cadden


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