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Missionary Pictures

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He is Home! I think I see him!
Celebrating the 4th of July Elder Astle and Elder Fitzgerald Elder Astle with President and Sister Spendlove President and Sister Spendlove with the elders A family baptisim in Manga
Youth wearing the bracelets that the Young men and Young women of our ward made for  them. Manga house Fransisco and Victoria's baptism Elder Astle and Elder Freire Looking over the city
Elder Astle with Jessica and her family in Magoanine Elder Astle in Magoanine Jessica's baptism Jacinto's baptism Having fun with the kids!
The fort Elder Astle trying to stay dry Playing the drum! The Elders of Magoanine with a family Elder Astle enjoying his chicken feet!
Elder Astle with the kids Elder Astle and some friends Elder Astle and Nauman walking through a field A cute friend
Baptism day! Baptisim in Magoanine Elder Astle by a beautiful tree Elder Astle on Macaneta beach Macaneta beach
The family of Sophia and baby Nephi The Elders of Magoanine Elder astle with a friend Some cute babies Vivaldo and the Elders of Magoanine
Elder Astle making bajias cute kids in Magoanine Thanksgiving with the Awesome youth of Magoanine Laura and her children Elder Astle giving kids a ride in a chova
The city of Maputo A cool sunset in Mozambique The Magoanine Elders Elder Astle with some happy kids
thumbs up! Elder Astle giving a members child a ride Chova ride at night with some members Elder Christensen with a successful rat hunt There are boy scouts everywhere!
Elder Astle with the children Look we got new bracelets! more bracelets Cute girls wearing bracelets Elder Astles friend Saige made for them. Elder Astle pillaring Matapa
Some of Elder Astle's friends The Elders Bowling in Maputo Elder Guente and Astle with the Elders going to Brazil Road along the ocean in Maputo Protecting Mozambique!
Elder Ruesch and Elder Astle Elders Ruesch, Guente, and Astle Clowning Around! Elder Guente and Elder Astle, two cool Elders! Elder Astle and Elder Guente at the mall Josh with a cute little girl!
Josh doing some laundry. Elder McCullough enjoying the rain! A rain storm in Maxixe making the new bathroom for the gaurds Helping carry water
Elder Astle with his friends Elder Ruesch, Elder McCullough, and Elder Astle waking up their investigator. More fun with the monkey! Elder Astle with his new friend! Elder Astle with some Maxixe children
Elder Astle and Ju Ju Baptisim in Maxixe The Mozambique missionaries with Elder Scott Elder Astle in a Capulana Suit Elder Astle and Magida at her baptism
Azevedo, Alcina, Magida, Jerson and the Elders Elder Astle helping make some food Elder Astle in the field with something on his head? Elder Astle working in the field with Elder Felshaw and Sister Medonca Elder Astle and his companion Elder Freire
Baptisim in Maxixe Digging a trash pit! Dondo Elders and Sister and Elder Bingham xavier's baptisim Elder Felshaw and Elder Astle Clara Mendonca's birthday
Josh enjoying the company of the local children Josh doing what he knows best (playing with the children) Josh with children after cleaning Dondo chapel Sacrament meeting in new chapel in Dondo Elder Astle with some cute children in Africa
African sunset Elder DeVeiga with a friend Waiting to travel Josh on a trail in Dondo sacrament meeting under a tree
New Dondo Chapel new missionary house in Dondo sacrament meeting under a tree Elder Astle and his Companion Elder Workman Mozambique here we come!
One happy bunch of Elders The Elders at the temple From Utah to Mozambique The "Best District" in the mtc Elder Astle studying
The  District wearing their matching ties And the "Best two years has begun"! Elder Astle arriving at the MTC Josh and his cousin "tater" Grandma and Josh
Picture with Mom and Dad before leaving Josh and his friend Ty before leaving for the MTC Elder Astle and his "sisters" How long is two years? Elder Astle reading his scriptures
Josh ready to teach the gospel.