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The "Shocking" story of the week!

Date: May 09, 2011
Area: Maxixe
Companion: Elder Ruesch


Well hello family!

This week is going to be a short email but I thought since I had a little time I would send one. It was nice talking to you on Saturday! IT doesn't even seem that weird to me to talk to you guys. And dad speaking Spanish was really easy to understand! Ha

Well I am here in Maputo safe after a 6 hour drive through green jungles! ha I got lots of pictures. The ride down was comfortable...NOT! We had 4 people in the back seat and I was the lucky one who sat on the floor, in front of elder McCullough. So he couldn't have been to comfortable either, but then we switched. ha ha. It was a nice trip though despite the conditions. Moçambique is BEAUTIFUL!!

Today is Monday, we are downtown doing email for a bit then we are going to go around the city and I don't know what we will do.
Sorry the email is so short but I just wanted to let you know I am safe and here in Maputo! I love you! I am very thankful for you as my parents! I am also very blessed to be serving here in Moçambique! The church is growing and it is amazing to watch it grow! Anyway, Love you! Love, Elder Astle
And here is the Shocking story of the week told by elder Ruesch ha ha here it is ....

Well on to some funnier news this week was a shocking one and you will get why in a minute. Well while we were playing some basketball on P-day we were shooting around down at the normal court. While we were shooting some of the kids were telling Elder McCullough about this power wire that come from the post, that was supposed to be used for grounding. Well for whatever reason they thought it would be a good idea to ask Elder Astle to go touch it and he said o.k. So as he got closer he was joking around with them and laughing and then when he went to grab it he started to shake and scream and all the kids were laughing but he was just joking. Then one of the kids who was pretty smart told him to take off his shoes which was pretty funny and Elder Astle thinking that there was no way this line that was connected in the ground would give a shock. So he took off his shoes and went to grab the wire and he was about to grab with both hands but decided just to do one. He said when he went to grab it he felt like it pulled him to the line and he could not let go. I was watching the whole thing and at first I thought he was joking but then when I saw his body lock, I was about to run and tackle him off but before I got there he had fallen on the ground and the force of his fall had luckily pulled him off the line if not he would have been stuck there getting who knows how many volts zapped into his body. He fell down on his head and then was just looking up and I asked him if he really got shocked and he said with a muffled reply... yes. He said his arm hurt so bad and mainly his joints he said all he was thinking was I got to get off this line but he could not do it. He soon recovered and was back to normal but it was a pretty scary experience. He said he will never touch any line again and I told him that would be a good idea. Well I can't even say that is the end of the story, because there is more. After the whole incident we went and told the leader of the owner of the court down there and he said he would take care of it and call the city power company, right away to get it resolved. Well Mozambique is not exactly the fastest on responding to problems. About 3 days latter we come to the court in the morning and I am shooting around and Elder Astle is reading and I notice a kid that came by and is watching me shoot. I didn't think anything of it since most of the time people are staring at us... lol. As this is happening the Pastor of the church comes out to tell me to stop shooting for a little until they finish their singing, and while he is coming up I start hearing a scream. As I turn around I see this little kid holding onto the line getting shocked and he is screaming "socorro", which mean help. I start running towards him and just almost tackle his arm and pull it off the line and as I was doing ti I feel a line of electricity go right through me and it made me arm go numb but the kid luckily got off. He was shaking after the incident
and I could tell why because he was getting shocked for a good 3-5 seconds and if no one was there I bet he could have been shocked to death. He was petrified after the incident and it was really scary. They have so much more voltage here in Mozambique because they don't know how to control it here. So a lot of voltage is coming through and Elder AStle and that kid are lucky it was not worse than it was.


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