Buenos Tardes

Date: January 25, 2011
Area: Cali, Colombia
Companion: Elder Hernandez


            This week has been very busy, we have taught a lot and had a few cool experiences as well. One family we are teaching is almost ready for baptism, first we need  get them married. The family they live with are members and they are helping to get everything ready for them to do so. The  thing that is so crazy to me is the wife is 19 with a baby and the husband is 20. That would be like me being married with a baby, I can't even imagine that. If all goes well they are getting baptized February 12th, keep your fingers crossed. The wife wanted to bail because of some rough times she is having with her dad, we were able to talk to her and she has re accepted our date. The members of my ward here made a New Years goal to help in missionary work more this year, more specific they want to assist in 100 baptisms this year. That is a crazy goal, but you would not believe the support they have given us. This week alone we have taught 11 lessons with member participation and they assisted us with 9 investigators in church this past Sunday. Lots of work on our part as well, we were up at 6:00 am Sunday morning because church is at 8:00 am, we taxied our entire area to pick up our investigators. 
       We had a funny experience with another family we taught this week. We went to their home with the intent to teach about the Word of Wisdom. It is common when you go to someones home for them to offer you a beverage of some sort, she brought us out a cup of coffee, we told her "Sister we don't drink coffee", she was all oh... ok. Come to find out she doesn't drink it either because of her health, she is 79 years old. Her husband smokes a lot, she totally told him off in the lesson which I thought was funny. For a long  time he was a person the Missionaries quit teaching for some unknown reason, he is progressing well at this moment, he is still smoking but down from 4 packs a day to 1 so he is making progress. I told Harrison LondoƱo that you are all praying for him and he is doing a lot better, he is struggling to find a job right now and is really stressed out. He has only smoked a little but is doing better. We gave him a blessing the other day, we pray for him often. We have so many inverstigators I wish I could write about them all. We had such a busy night teaching last night, that's why I never got around to e-mailing. We were out contacting and got into a home to teach, we finished the lesson and looked at the planner and had an appointment in the southern part of our area. We ran all the way there, we taught an awesome lesson and then dashed to another house and got a lesson in on the west side, it was a way awesome day. This week we also had changes, with our house being the biggest, all the Elders come here. We had 11 new Elders, 3 from Utah and the rest from Bogota. I ran into Elder Nielson, he has finished his mission here in Colombia and has gone home. I talked to him and he has a photo for you Mom and Dad, so when you go to his home coming tell him who you are and he will give it to you.
Tell him good luck in the real world from me. Well I need to go, lots of work to be done. Love you all Mom, Dad, Tanner, Kira, Mandee, Bruno and Bubba

                                                   Love you, Elder Kutterer


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