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Stacy on her baptism day.  She did not want a shot in the jumpsuit.  Elder Winters was invited to baptize her. Lisa with her family and Bishop on her baptism day. A Dinner Appointment Photo sent to brighten a mothers day! Rebecca's Baptism David's Baptism.  Elders Bitton, Garfield, Winters and Davey
Amrin's Baptism Austin's Baptism Fish's Baptism A pet to share.  This python belongs to JD and Theran's mother's boyfriend. Yocee
Baptism of DJ and Theran Julie Baptism with her Boyfriend and his Brother McKenna's Baptism Austin and wife Cutting their Cake Greg's Christmas Eve baptism and confirmation was so amazing.  The Spirit was so strong there.
Greg's baptism.  I am wearing the new suit I was given by a generous ward misson leader. Practicing for the Christmas talent show. P-Day fun Paige's Baptism Paige's funny baptism pic with Elders Winters and Beihl
Eliapos Baptism Brother Moon sent this picture to us Hayden's Baptism Day Transfer Day Transfer Day.  Elder Davey, Sister Smit and her Companion
A funny pic of Hunter on his baptism day Hunter his Uncle and Elders Davey and Winters Another Eagle Mountain District Picture Eagle Mountain District Christian Baptism
Zoey on her baptism day Zoey Ben and his dad, Elders Davey and Winters Zack and his dad on his baptism day.  Elder Winters and Elder Davey Elder Davey and Elder Winters at lunch.  Lisa Smith in Utah sent this picture to us.
Daxton with his family and Elder Davey Daxton and his Dad on his baptism day Cory, Elder Davey and Me Cory on his baptism day! Elder Davey struggles with the plug and a short stick.
Tina on her baptism day. Nicole's Baptism Day Nathan with Elder Davey and Elder Winters on his baptism day. Nathan's baptism day. The Eagle Mountain District before transfers
Rebebba and Savannah on their baptism day with Elders Davey and Winters Jordan's Baptism picture with Elder Davey from England and Elder Winters All the outlaws Some good ol western fun All the outlaws at the missionary saloon
Some fun playing Bang!! P-Day Saloon - it sounds a little fishy huh? Ty and Ireland on their baptism day A couple of P-Days ago we all hiked Point of the Mountain. Another shot of all of us missionaries having some fun.
Fun at the top of Point of the Mountain hike. A P-Day hike to Point of the Mountain Kaycee on her Baptism Day Kaycee's Baptism Day SHARKKKKKK!!!!!!
SWIM ELDER SWIM Look Mom, a shark!  I'm so brave!! It was a really fun day. Mom is really going to love this snake scarf.  haha  not! Some fun for all at the museum.
P-Day in the Dinosaur Museum Yocee came to Eagle Mountain for her birthday. Eagle Mountain District Eagle Mountain District The Saratoga Springs District
Lehi District Jeff's baptism Not sure the significance of this photo but he sent it home Here is a picture of Sister Smith and me.  Sister Smith is from Hesperia and knows the cousins. A grand old parade
Walking in the parade is a fun start to the July 4th Celebration It is fun being in these parades but I don't really understand it. there is some sort of celebrity being a missionary in Utah The 4th of July Provo Parade Elder Gandolph's Posterity with a few added Elders
The Rasband's with those involved in the blessing Family and friends that were there to bless the baby Rasband Family Taking a break to have.... A little bit of fun
Watch this.  I am getting good at blowing bubbles.  Thanks again CJ and Jared for the fun birthday presents. Just keep blowing..... Check this bubble out Jamie's Baptism We were asked to offer service at an event in Eagle Mountain.
service I had to try on the suit.  I would not be me if I let this opportunity go by. Where in the world is Elder Winters Hanging in upside down Smack!!
This is crazy but fun. Love this picture.  He looks so happy. Service in Eagle Mountain.  Helping my customer get the gear on. Will's Baptism.  I leave the area after these 2 baptism's but before 4 others.  It has been a great experience being in this area.  I am so thankful! Will's Baptism
Ara's baptism Ara's baptism I think this is the best of the district pictures.  BYU Asian area district before transfers Another try at the district picture BYU Asian Area District Picture before transfers
A message to the missionaries across the room making faces and laughing at me.  Mom's editorial - not appropriate even if  you had to shed a tear to keep from laughing back. This guy and grandpa could have quite the conversation. Another fun day at the Wilk.  This man had a story for every part of his life and he chose me to share them with. Trying to create our own version of household poison for pests. We tried to build a slip and slide but the Utah rain is nothing like Arizona rain.  It was freezing!  We will save this for another day.
Far from home and still playing with surgical gloves. We are having a great P-Day P-Day Soccer Fun. Score!!! We almost have it.
Stacking us up! We almost have it. Ta Da We did it! One of the yummy dinners we have have been blessed to enjoy. Yocee invited me to baptize her.
Yocee's Baptism The missionary wave toall the horns that honk. Missionary play time, something we all need now and then. Cinco de Myo dinner. Lunch time!
We need to ask why this keeps happening. Running out of gas again Elder Melby Elder Coromandel Baptism of Jeehun and Gihyup
We work in the Wilkinson Center on Wednesday.  It can be fun as we play tricks on each other. We are creative and find ways to entertain ourselves. Wilkinson Center Work One mission record about to go down!! Let the Challenge Begin
Yum Tacos.  Can't beat 3 for a $1.00 Look Mom...no hands! haha 20 tacos...my kid brother can eat 20 tacos. Then again my kid brother can eat 34 pancakes!! Getting down to business. Stay focused...getting serious....the end is in sight!!
Ta da 30 taco wrappers and one full belly New record.......Your lousy!  30 tacos in 36 minutes!!  Just 1.5 hours before I eat the first of 2 dinners tonight.  Yikes! Their trunk looks like they are armed and ready to go as soon as they get the gas they should have got yesterday.  oops We ran out of gas.  Check out my 'tool' sunglasses from the dollar store! The perfect mission pet.... a leopard slug
We found a leopard slug the other day I ran into Peter Wiscombe the other day.  His eyes look a little funky in this picture. Jiji on her baptism day Patty Kiser's baptism day Jay and Jenny on their baptism day.  It was an honor to be asked to baptize them.
We watched Conference with Jorin and Lelan. Apostles and wives are close by as they leave Conference More Conference views My friend Elder L. Tom Perry leaves the Conference The apostles and their wives leave the Conference
President Uchtdorf waves goodbye President Monson stops to shake the hand of a child As conference ends, President Monson and Church leaders stand to leave View from my Conference Seat Salt Lake Temple Shot from the Conference Center
Jiyun having fun on her baptism day. The missionary team at Jiyun's baptism.  Elder Allan was able to return for this special day. Jiyun pre-baptism shot with Elder Thompson and Elder Winters Jiyun's Baptism Group Shot Caffine free Coke ads
Censored Mermaid Some fun with Jiho Christina with Elders Allan and Winters Christina / Hyejeung Baptism Day Christina Baptism
Jiho with Elders Winters and Allan on his baptism day The Group shot at Jiho's baptism Xiaofang and Hansen family shot Xiaofang and Hansen Baptism Jasmine with Elders Crain and Winters and her friends.  Minhee is in black and the other we do not have a name for.
The fun shot Jasmine Baptism Yoonho's Baptism with Noah, Erin, and Elders Crain and Winters Yoonho and Noah Koeran sushi to celebrate Yoonho being baptized tomorrow.  Made from seaweed, rice, egg, pickled raddish, carrots, and tuna salad.  It was so good!
District Picture before Elder Renolds goes home Emma's Baptism was so spiritual Emma's Baptism Day.  She asked Elder Winters to baptize her Bayar from Mongolia with Elder's Winters and Allan Baptism fun
Another group shot from Chungmin's baptism. Group shot of friends at the Baptism of Chungmin Jung with Oh in the khaki pants, Huyanna in blue Sweat Shirt, Jiji in white hoodie, Gyu Pong in fron of Elder Winters Chungmin Jung with Elders Allan and Winters Chumgmin Jung is baptized.  He is the one wearing glasses. Chungmin Jung's Baptism
I ran into Aaron Sider on day Driving along Yunwoo Baptism with Sisters that taught her on the phone until Elder Allan and Elder Winters arrived.  Her host dad baptized her.  He looks like Don Vito from Viva la Bam. Yunwoo Baptism.  The sisters from Temple Square were from all over the world. Meat.....the food of real men
Joseph got a bad hair cut right before the baptism resulting in a shaved head and beanie "Joseph" Chu Wing Chow at baptism Fun at the baptism of "Joseph" Chu Wing Chow Chu Wing Chow Baptism Teaching Diezan
Driving Elder Allan lunch before Elder Brannock leaves Taco Bell Lunch District leader transfer Transfer of District Book
P-Day e-mail Moroni overlooks the Provo night Provo night sky More teaching Multi tasking - tracting and exercise together
More fun Tracting made fun Teaching in Provo BYU District Meeting More fun
No show = fun Don't worry be happy! What do I do? My hat's too small Lelan, his family and me
Tempe friends P-Day fun Van with his Sister and Elder Allan.  He was baptized in the Joseph Smith Building but the water heater  was broken so the font was full of cold water.  He had to be dunked 3 times before he was fully immersed in the cold water. Ju Young following his baptism Ju Young baptized in Joseph Smith Building.
Ju Young Baptism with Roommate and Elders Night time munchies It cracked a little but it did not break so I have not gained too much weight Skating on a swimming pool Ashley ran into us in the Book Store
Elder Winters Dad as a missionary in the Utah Salt Lake City mission.  See the letter from 01-03-11 for a full explanation. BYU Asian Area and those in the district that serve around him Elders Winters and Lui.  Elder Lui had to return home to serve in the military to avoid a 3 year prison sentence Breakfast on New Year's Day Best Pumkin Pie Shake ever.  It has a whole piece of pie in it
Christmas Morning Presents from home Airplane Wars Gifts on Christmas Eve Spreading salt at the mission home
Elder Lagazzo clears mission home driveway Elders Winters and Allan Elders Winters and Brannock at Christmas Party Mission Christmas Party - Elder Brannock My First District as DL - Alpine
Ed Laren, Elders Crain and Winters Lehi Pool where Ed was baptized A horse we tracted this week Enjoying my creations a washcloth
an ipod case I made My crochet projects Ryan Liles Baptism Ryan Liles Baptism Cierra and the Elders
Cierra and her mom Friendly Alpine llama we tried to pet Elder Winters and Elder Buer Teaches others to crochet too P-day Fun
P-day ping pong tournie A new skill set.  Elder Winters learned to crochet Thanks to the members that send Happy Halloween My Birthday Suit
First snow in Alpine 2010 District Meeting There is a story here I'm sure Elder Jack getting to know Elder Winters Elder Thompson (DL) and Elder Winters
Yuck!  ha ha ha Birthday gags from Jared Birthday fun Megan's Baptism Hiking the Canyon on P-Day
Check out Ciera's shirt! Baptism Day for Ciera Passey Elder Crain fresh from the MTC Elder Crain arrives in Alpine Edith is Baptized
Brother and Sister Day's Baptism Chase and Alec Baptism Trennemen Family Sealing Trennemen Family  with missionaries Williams and Winters are silly
My favorite friend Elder Williams and Winters Elder Williams and Winters Meeting Elder L. Tom Perry Elder Perry's Keys
Should missionaries climb trees? American Fork Canyon P-day in the canyon preaching in the Canyon It was an electrical fire
fire so close to the house Another view of the fire Fire I mentioned Reggie following his baptism Reggie at his baptism
Weekly Planning Meeting Hard Working companions - Elders Brannock and Winters Root Beer Refreshment following the Highland Parade Garrett Prescott Baptism - taught him right before All lined up and ready to give service
Photo opp when no one is home while knocking doors Departing from the work in the canyon Spreading the word in American Fork Canyon The house we trespassed in for Pioneer Day Cardboard kitty learns to read!
P-Day Fun Obedience in action at Dinosaur Museum Robin Booth, husband Brian and baby Jessie Sherlock Man and his brother Thueson's on Transfer day
A goal fulfilled - Provo Parade Best cupcakes ever after a baptism Mission Ups and Downs what would you do with 5 large leaves? Mission Rule - Wear your tag
Elder Gandolph's birthday cake And the winner is? Did I do that? Shaving Cream war for Elder Gandolph's birthday Who would have guessed that you could find a recliner in the Men's room at church.  Since it was there why not catch a few winks?
Congratulations to Zoey.  Elder Winters says he will feel a connection with her forever, and he will! Zoey Peterson is a delightful girl and Elder Winters first official baptism. Anti in Manti.  A party of one. Night view of Manti Temple Audience View of Manti Pageant
Backstage at the Manti Pageant Elder Williams (Zone Leader), one really cool missionary 12 missionaries and 1 bathroom means a guy needs to be creative.  Don't get too excited.  He does have his shorts on! the Doyl's are a family that have been very good to the missionaries.  Sister Doyl feeds them breakfast every other Sunday and Brother Doyl delivers them to chuch in his squad car. Elder Reynolds (zone leader) saw this at a garage sale and said, "Winters!"  Turned the car around and bought it for him.
The Eagle Mountain District prior to transfers Sharing steak - romance style- with Elder Fafai of Samoa A district activity Caleb gets baptized, knowing the sleeper hold. Elder Winters and his trainer Elder Gandolph
Caleb and his friend Brandon.  Brandon is now being taught by Elders Winters and Gandolph Caleb Sands and his family Brittney and Brianne Carter Aly Stalcup baptism McKayla Jeffs and her family.  What a great way to start my mission.
Dustin Beck baptism Our kneeling shower - you thought I was kidding One small bathroom Welcome home!! Attic apartments are hard on your head and how do you do pull ups?? Off to Utah
goodbyes Good byes Preparing for security check Kiss from Kate Saying goodbye to Kate
Dessert for our family farewell dinner
February 28th, 2017 Elder Winters has returned home.
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