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The Harvest is Coming

Date: October 10, 2011
Area: Eagle Mountain, Utah
Companion: Elder Davey



So Transfers.... I’m staying in Eagle Mountain! With Elder Davey! Yeah! I’m pretty excited about this one because it honestly feels like I just got to the area 6 weeks ago. What I mean by that is just that the first three months I was here it was like searching a tree for fruit when only a couple were ripe enough to pick and for the past 6 weeks it has been completely different! All the fruit is ripe and there is so much more success in our finding.

This last week was a little rough as we were only able to teach 9 of our 15 investigators. For some reason everyone wanted to cancel on us this week. In less than 14 hours between Monday and Tuesday we had 6 people cancel on us. Not to mention that Elder Davey got sick on Monday with a pretty violent case of the vomits... And it also started getting really cold this week and started snowing in some places! ... So that’s all the bad things that happened...

But let’s talk about the good things!

1. We had two baptisms! One for a guy who was into witchcraft, who has tattoos to match that interest up and down his arms, and also had a strong addiction. And now... He is a Mormon! And a pretty amazing one! He is so converted he actually bore his testimony in sacrament yesterday! His baptism was very touching as I could almost see a complete difference between the man who went into the water and the man who came up out of the water. There was a good amount of sin washed away that day and I’m just super happy that he was able to find the light.
Also we baptized a 25 year old wife and mother. I was able to perform the ordinance and confirmation! She was a super cool person to teach, although we didn’t really have to teach her much of anything because most of it was done by missionaries who met with her a year ago and by the ward she was attending for the last couple of months. Unfortunately we were not able to teach and baptize her husband with her because he was in Phoenix for work for the past few months, but I really believe that he will come around soon and that his baptism should not be too far away. There is a lot of work to do there though because his mom is a devout Baptist.

2. We had a couple lessons with the Not Interested guy this week! His name is David and we met with him twice this week. The first was a pretty short appointment where we went through the chapter in 3 Nephi that we assigned him to read. The second appointment was kind of our first official lesson and we were able to put him on date for baptism in November! So we have a goal now and Elder Davey and I are going to do everything we can do to get him there and we'll just rely on the Lord to finish this Story.

3. The brother who was angry with us last week called us back the other night. He apologized and set up an appointment for us to go meet with him and his wife and talk about what we need to do to help her get to baptism! This is Great! but kind of scary... We're definitely going to bring a member of the bishopric this time! But yeah I guess the bishop of that ward has been talking with this brother. The bishop told us that he helped the brother see the harshness of his words and behavior! I was pretty impressed and was happy that we have leadership here that is willing to back us up!

But this letter is getting a little long and I have to go! But yeah we did move an apartment to this last week. I'll try to have it for next week! Anyways I love you and will talk to you soon!

Elder Winters


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