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397,999 Individuals Left to Baptize in the Provo Mission

Date: November 07, 2011
Area: Eagle Mountain, Utah
Companion: Elder Davey



It is November isn't it? That’s pretty crazy eh... Only 4 more fast Sundays left! Sad... But that’s ok because that is still plenty of time to baptize the 398,000 non members left here in the mission! And now it is 397,999 because we had another baptism this week! It was a good one! We baptized this 17 year old named Ben. It was a roller coaster getting him to this point, and not because he hasn’t been ready. In fact this kid has been ready to be baptized since he was 8 years old. He has attended church and seminary his whole life, and the first time we even met him we gave him the baptism interview questions to look over and he knew everything! And that was about 5 months ago. What Ben had been waiting for, for the past 10 years was his father to feel worthy enough to baptize him. This was an odd situation in itself being that the father was at church every week with no word of wisdom issues or anything. So I guess his deal is just between him and the Lord with the help of the bishop, but yeah we finally did it! He got baptized! By his father! So we were quite happy about that. The only bummer was that his little brother Damien, who is about 14 has been in the same situation since he was about 8, was supposed to get baptized with Ben but he backed out last minute so that he could get baptized when more family are in town over Thanksgiving break. So that’s sad for me because I will be out of here by then and I probably won’t get to see it but it’s not too sad because at least he is still getting Baptized! So I'm just really happy for them and their family!

What else happened this week... well there was Halloween and that was fun! We had a big district activity and kind of did an amazing race type scavenger hunt during the day followed by a BBQ at night and it was just a lot of fun! On Tuesday I went on an exchange back to the Alpine area and that was awesome! I was able to reconnect with the Day family who are doing awesome and I think they should be preparing to go to the temple pretty soon! I'm hoping like crazy that I will be able to join them on that occasion. I just love those guys; Especially Brother Day. I think he is probably one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Then I was also able to go see Barbara (the lady who taught me how to crochet) And she is still alive and so is her South African friend and they were both happy to see me and sit down and chat for a bit. Unfortunately Barbara still has no desire to make steps towards the gospel, but it was good to see her! Then I was also able to go see Cierra Davies! And man 10 year olds grow a lot in a year! I couldn’t believe it! And from the sound of it her and her mom are doing awesome and are still strong in the church. On a sadder note the other week I did a Baptism Interview at the assisted living center where Ed Larsen lived and after the interview I asked one of the people there if they knew Ed and it just so happened that I was talking to one of his good friends there and he told me that Ed had passed away about 5 months after his baptism... Sad eh? But on the bright side, I know exactly where he is! Spirit Paradise for sure! What was also sad was the woman I interviewed got baptized last Saturday and died 2 days later! She wasn’t even as old as Ed was... But again we know exactly where she is now!

So yeah things went pretty well this week! Things are kind of starting to slow down as far as lesson teaching goes because we are baptizing all of our golden investigators but we are still working our butts off trying to find so that we can stay on top of all the work there is to do out here in Eagle Mountain!

And hey you asked in your letter if I was still eating healthy and Yes, I am trying my best! So I would be completely fine if I didn’t get sweets for Christmas! But yeah good to hear from you! I love you! And I will talk to you again soon!

Elder Winters


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