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Nic 5

Date: December 13, 2010
Area: El Viejo, Chinandega
Companion: Elder Ashby


Hey Mami!
Sorry for not writing you last week but I didn´t have anything
to respond to but a confirmation page. But I figured bree and Lindsey
would share with you. As far as my missionary scripture goes use
Mosiah 28:3. I don´t know how long it is in english but that´s a good
one. If that one´s too long use Moses 7:31. Thank you for sending me
Andrew´s letter, it´s good to here how he´s doing. My comp and I have
been reading about his friend in the boise idaho mission and we´ve
just been lovin em! Things are a whole lot different there. His
friend´s family that he lives with took him out to chuck-a-rama while
we´ve been eating oily rice and frijoles EVERYDAY! But I wouldn´t
trade places for anything, I love it here! All the people are super
nice, and everyone loves a good looking chele with gato eyes. It´s
been awesome to hear about the fam and stuff, you need to actually
write me not just send me what others say. But its still appreciated
more than I probably make it known. Let´s see, this week we changed
our routine and started focusing on only finding families, so we´ve
put fechas with like four or five families, we´ll see how many
actually make it to church.´We´re heading into managua tomorrow to a
christmas devotional program thing, our zone is singing la primera
navidad and campanas de navidad. It should be cool but latinos can´t
make out a tune worth their lives so it sounds like a lot of Chad
T´s;) That sounds awesome that you guys are all meeting together for
Christmas. It doesn´t feel like christmas at all to me because of how
hot it is here. That is a really good scripture that you´re trying to
live mom. I can definitely testify to the blessings that come from
heartfelt prayer. If you can learn to pray with faith it will
strengthen your testimony so much. So many of our recent converts have
stopped praying and have in turn become subject to the daily onslaught
of temptation unprepared. But those that are praying daily and reading
the book of mormon are all blessed so much! Anyways I love you all
and I look forward to calling you in a couple weeks.


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