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Nic 6

Date: December 20, 2010
Area: El Viejo, Chinandega
Companion: Elder Ashby


Hello father.

        Yes when I come home at night to
see my foot and a half tall

tree it feels weird. Work is good. We´re all of a sudden focusing

almost all of our energy on finding families so its been a rough

transition but we´re picking right up on it. As far as baptisms go yes it is
extremely strange that I haven´t baptised prior to saturday. By the way I had
my first baptism on saturday it was really cool but I´ll have to write you
about that in my next letter. On average each area has a couple of baptisms
every other week here. I agree that quality not quantity is what matters, I´m
doing my best to follow the counsel of my leaders and so is my District leader
though. I have to go though. I love you. Bye



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