Aqui vamos

Date: June 06, 2011
Area: Treinta y Tres
Companion: Elder Jackson from Ogden UT


Pues how are you doing familia yo estoy doing great. Yes I am still eating pasta and beans and something new that a ate last Friday was pollooo empanizado it was real good. Still nada de carnita but sometimes en la sopa, don’t worry I am washing la ropa con el washtub sin any problema, todavía still trabajando with Elder Davison y also vino el Elder Foster y con el Presidente Da Silva estuvimos en un meeting de zona that’s very good. Estoy learning a lot con them such great people. I hope one day that I can be that connected with the Holy Ghost like they are. Me y elder Jackson found 3 nuevos investigadores y uno con fecha bautismal but we went to give him another lesson and we found out that he went to pick up beans. so yea kind a frustrado. Estan bien los apartamentos un poco pequeño con 4 misioneros pero that’s ok. No it’s the same compañero for another six weeks they gave us the change list yesterday. But that good I like 33.
Thank about telling me to pray that’s what el Elder Foster told us to do, that’s we need to more dependiendo de nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial. Los amo y espero que sigan bien y no olvidar las metas, tell tia Olivia that la amo and hug para all of you ELDER HOYOS


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