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MTC Week 5

Date: September 20, 2011



Okay haha remember this is just my long email. still getting on at 4:45 p to chat.


okay tell laut that yeah I got his letter and I’m writing him back hopefully today. If I don’t get swamped.


Tell Grandma that yep I’ve received all of her packages. And that I love her so much and that It’s so cool to hear what she is doing and How aspen and Jack are. Tell her that she’s the sweetest Grandma ever and that I am so lucky to have her.

 No new elders have done their online visa application but another elder from a district in my branch left for Brazil today. He got paged at 5:30 am this morning and had 30 minute to pack up and be ready to go, at which time me and My new companion Elder F were going to do our laundry ( yeah Me and Elder Teusher switched companions) I’ll tell you more about that later in this email. its koooky!


I saw Parker two days ago!! I wrote him a note like telling him where my class was and everything and he came and saw me. Then I went to his class later and we talked for a little bit. It was so cool Mom to see him there. and It’s looking like I’ll get to see Gray as well.


Yep I’ve received  all of your packages, the jersey is freaking incredible. And I got 2 somehow like I got one one day and then the next day I got a jersey and shorts in the mail from China it was really kooky but they both are  beleza (portugues word for beauty) I got the football tell Dad he’s most beast. and the bouncy balls and the pounds and pounds of candy... ha ha I have so much!


I’m good on deodorant for now I haven’t used one whole stick yet. I think i have like 7 or something. I got the shaving cream as well. haven’t used it yet though still using the kind that I bought at the book store but it looks like it’ll be beleza.


I really can’t think of anything else that I could need. You’re doing awesome. I’ve almost filled up my sd card so I’ll be sending that home with tons of pictures and videos on it of the district. funny stuff.


I’m good on the brauses right now I haven’t even dug in yet cause I’ve had the other stuff. I’m saving those for later.


I'm so glad Jordan got my letter. I can't wait to hear back from him.


Okay Bret sent me like some quotes from seinfeld like George and Jerry talking about a dude. I died... so funny.. such good humor of him. He sounds like he’s doing so good mom. I’m so proud of him and I know you are too. Mom...haha your such a bowler now. I can picture you in my head. I wanna pic of you in your bowling gear com grande pai e grande meg. (with Big Dad and Big Meg)


I can’t believe Cody is coming in 2 weeks I’m so so excited for him. Tell him i’ll write him back today too.


I’ll be thinking about Cody on Friday (as he goes through the temple) and remember to say an oracao (prayer) as well at 4 p my time.


okay now my adventures for the week.


On Tuesday we had the fireside like every tuesday and M Russel Ballard was the speaker. And It was so cool. Nothing as powerful as Elder Holland but still it’s so neat to get to hear from Jesus Cristos apostles so often. I’m not sure who’s talking today but there are rumors that its going to be goooooood. Umm okay so that ended and then the next big thing is the huge debacle on Wednesday. President Johnston came by our dorms late at night like 9:45ish and guess what... Elder H decided he was gonna go to some other dorm without telling me and so I had no clue where he was and so President Johnston waited for him till he came back thankfully he came back at like 10 so it wasn’t too bad and Johnston ( he’s so freaking nice) said Make sure you bring him (pointing to me) with you next time. and it was fine. well okay so it was all good until Thursday Brother lameroux comes up to see us at the same time. well Elder H did it again and wasn’t in the dorm... so when I saw lameroux I turned around to go find him in his usual spots (his cousins dorm or the vending machines) and no where to be found so I went back up and lameroux is like pacing. oh man he’s a colonel in the Army or a retired one I mean and get this Elder H doesn’t show up untill 10:20 and so lameroux talks to him (he tells me this after like the next day) and rips him a new one basically and tells him that he might be released ( I think that was just a boot) so anyway the next day is fine but on Sunday President Johnston pulled Elder T to the side and told him that me and Elder F would be companions now and that he would be with Elder H. soo I think it was cause Elder H will have to follow the rules better now cause the district leader is with him always. anyway I had been praying hard for our companionship before because he’s so fun but we weren’t planning like we were suppose to be doing because he wouldn’t do it with me. I feel like Its a huge blessing because Elder F is much easier to work with. although he struggles with the language bad like you have no clue. He’s the funniest guy in the world the teacher cant even keep a straight face while he talks. it’s awesome. uhm okayy SO right now I’m in the scripts I’m starting the BOM over again and I’m in 1st nephi like been reading about nephi’s vision and all that and his revaltions about the jews and the gentiles and how the gentiles are going to bring the gospel to the seed of nephi and It hit me that thats exactly what I’m going to be doing. Also during Elder Ballard’s talk he told me that every night that I pray My mom back at home is praying at the same time for me and that night while I prayed I just cried the whole prayer because I knew you were praying at the same time. or maybe not the same time but you had prayed for me that day. It was so special. and also Last night I was praying and I realized that I am a missionary and because of that my prayers are extra special almost like If elder Holland said a prayer you know what I mean. Elder Holland told us that we are apostles with a lower case a and he is one with a capital A. Um also in 1st nephi you read about how duecy (BAD) laman and lemual were and I’m so thankful to have a brother who was the big brother that he was suppose to be. Or at least he was exactly what I needed. And Dad is like Lehi cause h’es always been so beast (good) and such a good mormon and Dad. And you big Mom are like Sariah and there is no girl in that family but I know Megs is gonna be so good. and such a good girl because I know she’ll always remember that She is Heavenly fathers little princess and little girl., You don’t know how easy it is to see how much you love me and Bret and Megs and Dad,Mom. 

Um let me see what else. Yeah so the lessons with Ailton and Wellington (those are my 2 investigators right now) they’re good (remember they r just my teachers) hah we are teaching wellington the cammandments tomorrow and ailton We are just trying to get that bumb to know O livro de mormon e verdaderio. haha it’s such a cool experience for real. because the whole lesson is in portugues like I maybe say one or 2 words in english but other than that it’s all portugues. OKay I don’t think I have anything else. Everyone is so close well me and Teush are at least. There was some contention with sanfillipo and dowdle. dowdle was mad as boes because sanfilippo was in charge of the lesson and he didn’t do duece and so He yelled at him in class like after. It was awwwkkkwardd. they r my new roomates because I moved into funks room. Alright Ill get on laterrr. 4:45 loveeee youuu


I know that the Gospel is true and I know that Heavenly father loves us so much and Today in the temple I did initiories and my heart felt soo big the whole time. I'm getting so excited to be in the feild to start loving these people. I know that they are waiting for me to come and see them and to show them how much Heavenly Father loves them and How much Jesus Cristo loves them as well. and what he did for them so they could be happy. I Know the atonement is real because Ive felt it. Its an actual power. I Know families can be together forever because Heavenly father wouldnt of had it any other way. Eu Digo estas coisas em o nome de Jesus Cristo Amen.




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