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Week 11 in Penapolis

Date: January 02, 2012
Area: Penapolis
Companion: Elder Almeida


 And this Mom right here.... yeah we just call her biggg Mommm. 

yeah this is Elder Short coming at you live from the Penapolis centro. bringing glad tidings of great joy... I’m still getting shafted with the baptismos but I’m not duecing I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Really, I can feel Heavenly Father changing my heart, Mom. Like just doing things around the house..... like in the morning or during study (in the morning) thoughts come into my head and into my heart of things that never used to come. I think of things like... why before my mission I wasn’t more willing to help the Missionaries in the ward and why I wasn’t more willing to do service at church. I know it’s because I’m here and my whole world is the gospel, because that’s all I do... but it’s weird, Mom, it feels like every temptation is so easy to resist because even though I’m in a world that’s really bad, in my heart and in our house it’s sacred. It’s a place where no bad things are. It has made me realize how lucky I was to have a house like we have. One that’s really not of the world, ya know what I mean?

This week has been hard because we have spent a lot of time on 2 kids, 14 and 13 years old and it seems like we’re losing them. We spent so much time at their house and in the end... they decided they weren’t feeling it anymore. I know that they know that the church is true... so maybe we just have to wait. This week I have gained a strong testimony of the Prophet Thomas Monson. The reason why is because we have a girl that we are teaching and she has problems with one of the commandments and so we really wanted to stress to her how much Heavenly Father thinks of her and that he really is her father and that she is a daughter of God and so we brought her this Mormon message thing and it has the prophet talking and there’s no way that you can deny it when you hear his voice and when you see his eyes and the same goes for all the Apostles. 

All through my life I’ve always thought of general conference as like a burden, ya know, because it’s so long.... but when you think that you’re hearing from Apostles of God, with the same authority and power that Christ’s first Apostles had. It makes me feel so mental for being like I was. Yesterday was the first day of 2012 and we had Churrasco (Brazilian bbq) at Bete’s and after that we sat in a circle and Bete started to talk to everyone in the circle... like saying sorry to the people there for things she’s done and thanking Heavenly Father for the things she has and when she ended... no one else was talking and so I decided to start and I knew I was going to cry during it because I’m the type. But I went on and I told them how much I love you guys, Mom and Dad and Bret and Megs. And how lucky I was to have parents that never fought, that always loved me and that I could have the close relationship that I have with all of you. Then I looked at each one of them and even though I didn’t know a lot of them very well (only Bete and Elder Almeida) I looked at them all and I just talked and I don’t remember everything that I said but I know that they felt the same things that I felt and at that moment it didn’t matter that I didn’t know them because I knew that we all have the same Savior and the same Heavenly Parents. It was just a really special experience for me because normally I wouldn’t be the type to talk ya know, especially in Portugues.

But.....anyway that’s all for the spiritual stuff..... now for some good humor... 

so during one of our lessons with a lady named Joelma. We’re pretty good friends with her, ya know, and we were done with the lesson and we’re just talking and all the sudden Almeida bumps me and tells me to look at Joelma’s face and she has a big booger in her nose and this man starts making like a rocket noise while plugging one nostril... ya know, and so I can’t hold it in and I bust out laughing and I can’t stop for like 5 whole minutes.  Then Almeida says he’s going to tell her.... but thank goodness he didn’t. He started to say Joelma, Elder Short wants to tell you something.......ha ha, ya know having that type of humor. Any way it was truly great humor. One of the funniest on the mish yet. 

I can’t believe Marr is enlisted in the army man woowww. What a soldier!  I can’t believe Dad got botched (Sick) so bad from the salad. awwkkwardd. Really just basically all you guys that went to the Short/Pauling lunch... just missed out on the great Dad humor. I love you so much Mom and thank you again for all your support and all your love that you’ve every given me. You have no idea how proud I am to have you and Dad as parents and to have the family I have. 

Love your son Elder Short

Letter to his Dad......

 I know Dad..... I’m not getting hung up on the numbers but it’s just hard because Almeida has never gone this long without a baptism so it’s truly a drought. But I’m keeping a good spirit about it because I know that we are trying and the investigators have a part in it too, ya know. Ha Dad I love you so much for even dignifying me with the comparison to what Pres. Monson said and Dad oh my goodness.... for New years let’s just say things got awwwwkward at midnight. I was fast asleep but I woke up exactly at 11:59 because it seriously sounded like there was a war going on outside. There fireworks aren’t pretty like ours. They’re basically just bombs that they throw in the air and they are so loud! It was so cool though.... like in our room it was like fully bright as day because the explosions, ya know. It was really really cool.  I love you Dad, so much. You’re more than you can imagine in my eyes, the way I see you and that Bret sees you... you can’t comprehend how much we love you, and respect you.

Your son forever,  Elder Short


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