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Date: November 08, 2010
Area: Plattsburgh, New York
Companion: Elder Vicchrilli


 Hey Mom!

         It's so crazy to think that I am 20 years old haha.  It seems like a couple of months ago that I was turning 19!  I've heard that now that I am not a teenager, adults will trust me more...yeah right.  Haha I don't feel any different though so I guess that that is good right?  Thanks for sending the package.  I got some pretty good pictures of me opening it so hopefully you like them.  I really like the ties...they are awesome!  I am actually wearing the green one as we speak.  I also love the CD.  I swear that that is one of the best CD's that I've heard.  We go to sleep to that now so it is awesome!  I really love the first track on the cd because it is so calming.  We probably listen to it like 3 or 4 times throughout the morning and night combined haha.  I also liked the 20 different boxes inside ... pretty creative I must say.

      That's good to hear that the Pirates beat Virgin Valley.  If that was for Division, then the Lowry game will be the State Semifinal game.  The winner of that will go to State.  My guess is that we will beat Lowry and get beat by Truckee again in the State Championship haha.  I have no idea if Truckee is even in it but they were good last year when I went up to Reno with Zach and Braden.

   Well this past week was pretty good but it probably could've been better.  On Monday Elder Vicchrilli was super tired after we had got done shopping with Sister Irwin so he went home and took a pretty long nap.  I actually listened to like 2 or 3 sessions of this past conference because Sister Rasmussen went online and burned all of this past conference onto like 9 CD's.  It was pretty productive to listen to those instead of just sitting there listening to the same CD over and over haha.  So no ... we did not have the opportunity to go out and work.

     We had our exchange on Tuesday and that was a lot of fun.  We went down to Lake Placid to drop off Elder Vicchrilli and we came back to town with Elder Bowles.  He is a way cool kid that is laid back so it was nice to get a change I guess.  Not that I don't like Elder Vicchrilli but it was nice to talk to someone different haha.  Elder Bowles is 6'8" so it was quite hilarious to be able to see him ride a bike.  He had the seat up about as far as it could go but the handlebars do not go up so he had to hunch over to be able to ride it.  I thought it was quite hilarious and I am sure that a ton of people that were driving by thought the same thing haha.  We got to do some tracting and I was able to see a different approach so that was nice.  I try to learn something new from people whenever I get the opportunity to work with someone new so that was cool.  On Wednesday we drove back down to Jay to complete the exchange.  It is nice to be able to do exchanges because I always learn a ton from them.  We have the Zone Leaders (Miller and Maxfield) coming to blitz us on Thursday and Friday so that will be a lot of fun.

      On Thursday night we went over to see John because he did not come to church the week before.  He opened the door and was like "guys I am really sorry that I missed church, I was sick and didn't even wake up until 11.  My son was kind of mad because he really wanted to go to church."  He seemed super sincere and come to find out that his son is 15 years old!  We are excited to be able to continue to see them because they seem to be pretty solid.  We see John driving around when he is on duty a few times a day so we always wave at him.  He's a super cool guy.

       On Friday we had our lesson with Diane and Eve down in Keeseville at the Mashtare's house.  Diane and Eve are super good friends of the Mashtare's so that makes it nice to have a fellowshipper already.  This was our first time actually getting to teach Diane and Eve so it was good.  Somehow baptism got brought up before the actual lesson and they both want to be baptized into the church.  We tried to set them with a date of December 4th but Diane wants to make sure that both her and Eve understand the church and have a good knowledge before being baptized.  We don't have any doubt that they will be baptized.  Its just a little frustrating because as a missionary you want baptisms now now now haha.  It will happen though so we just have to have patience.  We taught them the 1st lesson about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon so this week we will be teaching them about the Word of Wisdom.  It probably will not be this transfer but I can definitely see it happening next transfer.  The only thing is ... will I be here or not?  We have no idea what will happen but if they get baptized I will be happy regardless if I am still here or not.

      We saw Lonnie on Saturday when we were down by her neighborhood and things with her are going well.  She has 2 jobs, one in Vermont and one in New York so she has been super busy lately.  She said that the new schedule that she will be on will only give her 1 Sunday off a month so that will be tough to get her to church.  She mentioned that she really wants to start coming to Book of Mormon class on Tuesdays though so hopefully she will start coming to that.  Any way that she can be at the church would help a ton.

       We saw Rob and Kathy on Saturday night and that went well.  We left them the Special Witnesses of Christ DVD and she said that they have seen it before but they want to watch it again.  We still work to try to get her to church but still nothing yet.  Hopefully we can set a good tone with the Spirit so that she has the prompting to come to church!

       District Conference was yesterday and it was pretty dang awesome!  We actually stopped and picked up Carmen and her 7 year old daughter on the way there!  It was about a 2 hour drive and we were in the back of the Rasmussen's Durango so that was not too much fun.  We were super crammed back there but at least we had an investigator willing to go that far for a meeting.  There was actually an area 70 there, Elder Seldon.  The speakers for the meeting were President McKnight (District President), The Palmyra Temple President and his wife, President Bulloch, and Elder Seldon.  Let's just say that it was nice to have a ton of solid speakers there.  It was also nice to have about 150 people there too.  It was a break from the average 50 or so in the branch.  There was also a baptism for the Potsdam Elders after the meeting so we stayed for that.  Carmen had always wanted to see a baptism so it was a great experience for her.  She mentioned that she loved the service and she liked the baptism as well so hopefully we can set her with a baptismal date soon.  We then came back to Plattsburgh after that and had dinner with Sister Esposito in Morrisonville.  She gave us a ton of food to take home as well so we were extremely thankful for that.  I have taken a couple of pictures that I will be uploading so that you can see.  I also got a picture with Elder Daniels-Brown so that was cool.

      We ended up dropping Steven and Joe this week because we cannot come into contact with them.  It was a bummer to drop Joe but hopefully we left a good influence on him so that he can know further on down the road.

       This past week we got fed like 4 times but that was way out of the norm.  It's usually about 2 times and a rarety of 3 times.  Now that Sister Gutierrez is back from Mexico we will probably start having meals a lot more.  She does what Brother Huller does in Fayetteville, "what day can you feed the Elders?"  Haha so I guess that we will see how that works out.

       Well the weather here has been getting colder and colder.  The average low is like mid 20's and the average high this past week was like high 30's.  Add riding a bike to that and you have an adventure!  My rule for winter is that we will ride the bikes in the snow until one of us slips or wrecks haha.  I'm not gonna let snow slow us down from trying to find people to teach.  Don't worry though...we'll get things done.  Who knows...maybe I'll get transferred before the snow hits.

        Alright so the spiritual thought today is going to be part of what was said during District Conference and part of April 2010 Conference.  Yesterday Elder Seldon said, "Life is often hard.  It is out of the HARD that we get Faith and Hope."  Elder James B. Martino of the Quorum of the 70 had a great story that I really like from April 2010 Conference.  "When I was young I looked forward to the Spring of the year.  As the weather warmed, I was ready for baseball to begin.  Like most young boys, I would wish that I could become a great baseball player.  I am reminded of a story about a young boy with similar dreams.  With the desire to become the next mighty ballplayer, he decided to go outside and practice.  He held the baseball in one hand and the bat in the other, and he threw the ball into the air.  With a wish to hit the ball as far as he could, he took a great swing, but the ball fell to the ground without even touching the wood of the bat.  Not to be denied, he went at it again.  As he was about to throw the ball in the air, his determination grew as the thought of a powerful hit came into his mind.  But alas, the results were the same.  The ball lay on the ground.  But as any good ballplayer knows, you have three strikes before you are out.  He concentrated even more, threw the ball into the air, and took the mightiest swing that he had ever attempted.  As the ball again fell to the ground, the tears began to swell in his eyes.  Then all of a sudden, a great smile appeared, and he said, "What a pitcher!"  Each of us will face trials and tests, and in this simplistic example, it is how we react to those difficulties that will determine our success and happiness." (Page 101 May Ensign)  I really like that because we can dwell on things that happen or we can forget about them and remember that tomorrow is always a new day.  We may go through Hard trials but we need to have Faith and Hope that things will get better tomorrow.    I can't tell you how much this story relates to missionary work.  We may have a bad day one day but the next one can always be amazing if we have the right attitude.

          Other than that, things here are going well.  We are excited for the upcoming week and for the investigators that we will be able to teach.  Thanks again for the awesome birthday package! 
        Elder Williams



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