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World Cup Going On!

Date: June 16, 2010
Area: Ouro Branco
Companion: Elder Wenzel From Iowa


Hey Family,

Brazil is going pretty good. The last few days have been pretty crazy because of the world cup.  People here dont have a lot of faith in their team this year because most of their players on the team this year dont even play in Brazil anymore, but everyone is still way excited and they painted the streets and have banners all over the place.  Weve seen a few people yesterday that were painting a huge Brazil flag on their house. We cant watch the World cup but we know when Brazil scores a goal because everyone leaves their houses and shoots of fire works and blows these horn things. :)  Its been pretty fun though. I want to buy a Brazil jersey but I dont know how much money I have to do that, if you could let me know how much money I have that would be really great.  I dont think Im supposed to use mission money to buy souvenirs so I want to make sure I have enough money on my card.

That doesnt sound too fun about the surgery. You will have to wait a whole transfer (in missionary time) to recover,(6 weeks) that is a long time but it goes by pretty fast.  Transfers seem to go by a little too fast sometime. Im really liking this area and my companion but Im a little worried Ill get another call from president this next transfer... but I guess Ill just do my job and hope its part of the Lords plan to keep me here a little longer.

This area has a member of the church that does these really cool rock paintings.  He can take other pictures and he makes them again but instead of paint he crushes up rocks so he has a fine powder sort of stuff and then uses those for coloring.  I saw some he already made for other missionaries of the Salt Lake Temple already, they turned out really good.  I want to have him make one for me but they cost 80 reais which is probably about $45 and I dont think I have enough money in my account for that, I would appreciate a little extra money as an early christmas present if you could so I could have him make one, but I guess money is hard to come by so its ok if it doesnt happen. (I wrote him and told him I put more money into his account so he could get one -- what a neat remembrance of Brazil for him!)

We had a baptism planned for this Wednesday but its moved to this sunday which is still good because its going to happen to break my lack of baptism... I think I was giong on 13 weeks without a baptism which is pretty bad. Im hoping I feel like a missionary again this Sunday. :)

Its still getting cold here. This last Saturday was the coldest recorded day here in 20 years apparently.  I think it was 6 degrees celcius (about 43 degrees!) which was pretty cold. It makes it tough to have our clothes dry out with it being so cold.

I hope your surgery goes well though and that everyone has fun at their camps and all that stuff. Summer sounds pretty exciting so far for you all.  I think we have zone conference next Tuesday so hopefully that means I will get to pick up any letters or packages that have arrived yet but Ill keep you updated on that.  I hope everyones summer is going great, talk to you all next week, bye!


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