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Q&A July 7, 2010

Date: July 07, 2010
Area: Ouro Branco
Companion: Elder Wenzel From Iowa


Did you have  a baptism on Sunday? :) 
Ya we baptized her on Saturday and then confirmed her in Church Sunday.  It was a really good weekend were trying to get the branch attendence up so that they can make it a ward and make a stake down here.  We had about 67 this sunday which is a pretty good improvement.

Did you ever try that maple flavoring that I sent to you?  Or did you leave it behind at another apartment?

Ya I tried it out, I made some syrup in the last house and a little more in this house.  Its pretty good but its pretty much just maple flavored water, it isnt very thick but it tastes good. I did leave the syrup I made in the last house there though. I left it in a 2 liter bottle so if it any one feels brave they will find out what it is and enjoy it.

How is your weather?  Cold? Hot?  Rainy?

The weather here is pretty crazy.  During the day it gets pretty hot because of the sun but as soon as the sun goes down it gets pretty cold again.  We dont really have any rain, it sprinkled a little bit the other day but thats the most weve had in a while.

If it's cold, did you buy some blankets yet? 

We havent bought any blankets yet. Im waiting to see if I stay here through the next transfer before I buy the blanket. Until then Im just sleeping in layers.

What was your best experience this week? 

My best experience was probably the baptism and then we also found this realy cool family, its a single mom with 3 little girls.  Their pretty elect.  the girls are 11, 8, and 4 and were excited to work with them and help them out.  They are struggling a lot, the mom has to work like 12 hours a day.

Are you able to write in your journal often?  This is something that you won't fully understand the value of until year from now.
I started out really good in my journal then I kind of slacked off, Im back to writing it in about every 2 days to keep up on all the action here, Ill try to write in it more though.

I have the contact solution to send to you.  Any other suggestions as to what to put in a box for you? 

Some more of that popcorn stuff (Crunch and Munch) :) that you sent would be good, it was way good.  Also some more jelly beans or poptarts are always welcome.  I dont really have a lot of demands I guess, maybe another kentucky tie sometime since I gave my last one away to Elder Araujo.

What is your favorite quality of the people of Brazil as a whole? 

My favorite quality is probably that everyone likes to give us food when we go to their house. (LOL!)  It probably isnt the healthiest quality to have since I always have room for more food but it does make me pretty happy at the end of a long day and someone gives us some bread. (He's always loved bread!) :)



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