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Letter August 11, 2010

Date: August 11, 2010
Area: Ouro Branco
Companion: Elder Fife


Dear Family,

(We told Jordan of the drowning accident of an 18 year old boy from our church.  He had just graduated in June and was on a river trip with friends when the accident happened.) I cant believe that Bryce Hood drowned.  My senior year in seminary he was there almost every day, I cant even imagine how people are dealing with that.  He was a way funny kid. I dont even know what to think about it.  Im sure everyone is helping his family... is his family coming to church still(question mark- the question mark button doesnt work on this computer).

Thats pretty crazy about Tommy coming back too.  I dont know if I could head off to college right away like that but I guess Tommy is a stronger person than I haha.  I can still remember talking to Tommy about how when he was coming back from his mission I would have about a year on mine.  It was close. Im actually going to make 10 months that day.  Tell him I said hello and everything. Im sure his talk will be pretty amazing.

The mission is pretty good though. Were having some trouble with this lady that should be baptized this week but I think were getting closer to her baptism, maybe.  I think my shoes are starting to look a little aged, my shirts too actually.  This area seems to be taking a lot out of my clothes for some reason. (We might be replacing clothes soon than we thought!) :(  We are switching neighborhoods to work in this week.  We were working in a pretty crazy neighborhood before called Sao Francisco, (wow, is that like San Franscico?) so many weird things happen there and not many people like us.  The people we work with there encounter so much resistance. Fight after we leave a house people show up talking bad about us and saying crazy things. The craziest thing Ive heard is that we have the steeple on top of our church to stab Jesus when he comes back.... ya its pretty crazy there.  Sunday night we were leaving and we saw a drunk guy outside of someones house beating on their door with a machete which was pretty funny too.  With Elder Wenzel we had a crazy woman spray us with a hose and throw the Book of Mormon at us and someone told us later that she burned it in the street. (Wow!!) That was pretty funny but a little sad because her mom wanted to get baptized but that incident kind of ended that hope.  Anyway, were moving neighborhoods so the mission might lose a little of its excitement but Ill look for some more fun stories. LOL!  

Theres this church called the Assembleia that seems to be the main hater of our church. People from that church love to 'bible bash' with us but we try not to do it that often because it just wastes our time.  It makes me a little sad sometimes seeing so many people that dont like the church because of lies that someone told them, but finding the elects of God make it the moments of persecution and being sprayed with a hose worth it.

I dont really have too much to say today. Im pretty shocked still about Bryce Hood. :(  Ive never had anyone I knew personally die before. I dont even know how to describe the feeling.  I just hope his family can use even a tragedy like this to strengthen their testimonies and recognize the love of God in their lives because I know that now more than ever that love will be with them.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed their first day of school. Do your best and get straight A's so you can get scholarships and not be in debt your whole time in college like me haha. Tell Jacob to study hard too so that we can study at BYU together and buy a Valenta Apartment, that'd be pretty fun.  LOL! 

Until next week, bye!


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