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Letter December 15, 2010

Date: December 15, 2010
Area: Venda Nova
Companion: Elder Fernandes


Dear family,
Those gingerbread houses are looking pretty good. I hope the clamp or whatever Jacob was using worked out well for him, it looked pretty intense haha. :)

The area Im in right now doesnt have too many members but the ones that are here are really nice.  We go to another church for Sunday but there used to be a Group of Justinopolis but they combined it with the ward from Venda Nova, so now we have to travel by bus to get to church.  Its kinda tough because most people here dont have enough money to take a bus there and back every Sunday, so most of the members here went inactive when they combined the ward and the group.  We are hoping to start a new group here though because it is a really good area its just the financial situation of most investigators that is the problem.  Luckily for us though this month they have a rented van that picks us and the investigators up!  With that bit of luck we managed to find an old investigator that the other missionaries were teaching before us and baptized him this last sunday!  Hes a cool guy named Almir, I got to do the baptism but I had to wear a jumpsuit that was a little too small for me but it was a worthy sacrifice. (BWHAHAHA!)

Other than the small jumpsuit everything is going great here, its a little hot but you get used to it.  The good thing about it always being hot though is that ice cream is always way awesome. :) Oh ya, thats another blessing of the area, theres a member here that baptized 8 years ago and for the last 7 years he has left all day everyday with the missionaries!  Hes a member of the high council now but he leaves and teaches with us everyday and he buys us some ice cream every day too! (WOO-HOO!)  Hes a pretty awesome guy, were going to be calling from his house for Christmas.

Thanks again for the package, letters, and pants.  The only thing Im lacking for a good holiday season now is some pancakes, so do you think you could send me the recipe for pancakes?  I have a list of ingredientes but I dont know how much of each thing I have to add. (Think I can do that!)

Time is going by pretty fast, I was talking to some other Elders today on the bus and 1 of them I didnt even know and the other has almost 10 months but I remember when I met him his first day.  To other missionaries I look like Im an old experienced veteran but I still feel as blown away as I did my first day... some people say time just goes by faster and faster from here on out.  Hopefully not.

Congratulations to Jacob for getting the job up in Palmyra, it sounds like itll be a way cool summer for him. (Jacob submitted an application to be on the Hill Cumorah Pageant work crew for summer 2011 in New York!)  It will be a good preparation for him for the mission.  Does he know where he wants to go yet?  That would be cool if he went to Brazil and learned Portuguese too. (Yes, it would!)

Well I hope every one is well, I got a scare last night when I dreamed that mom told me that Andrew wouldnt be able to talk this christmas because he moved to Missouri... luckily it was just a dream and Ill be able to talk to everyone, even Tim and Lisa. :) Christmas is just one more P Day away, have fun in the snow, bye!

One picture is of the baptism, Me, Almir, and Elder Fernandes.
The other picture is of the chapel in Ouro Branco.


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