New Mission - Quezon City North Mission

Date: May 15, 2011
Area: Santa Maria Bulacan in Valanzuela Zone
Companion: Elder Miles



Hello Family! As you guys know I was transferred from Navotas and am now in a new area. I also know my new mission!!! There is a lot of new going on right now!

Well... I am not in the Philippines Quezon City North Mission. So I will be getting a new mission President, President Sperry, this means that I will have 3 mission Presidents on my mission! Also I am now in my fourth area, Santa Maria Bulacan in Valanzuela Zone. This area is a lot like my first area and out in the country. I really like it! Also I am with m 14th companion! Elder Miles. Just a recap of all my companions incase you hhave lost them. MTC- Elder Arthur. San Miguel-Elder Garrard, Elder Nickell, Elder Izatt. Office-Elder Smth, Elder Hanks, Elder Cardenas, Elder Almazan, Elder Nelson. Navotas-Elder Stover, Elder Cabrerra, Elder Reambonanza, Elder Henampas. Santa Maria-Elder Miles.

I am kinda sad that I am not going to be with President and Sister DeLaMare anymore, but I know that I am supposed to be with President Sperry.

Well, I got to this new area Thursday afteroon and we went straight to work and we went to an investigator that was also baptized on saturday. So they are now a member. i would send the picture, but I did not bring the camera with me tday. Anyways when I started talking to my companion he would not talk back to me and sometimes I would answer the same qeustion 4 or 5 times. I thought that he was being mean and just did not want to be friends...I was wrong. he is hard of hearing haha. This is a good thing for me though, I am really soft spoken and this is going to help me to talk louder. Elder Miles is really a cool guy and I am excited to be with him right now!

Well Since I am in the Norh Mission now the transfer days have now changed. This transfer is going to be a 9 week transfer and after that it will go back to the 6 week schedule. But this means that my transfer day to go home now has changed as well. There is no longer a transfer day in March. So I will becoming home February 23, or April 5th. I am not sure, But I think I will be able to come home in February. That will really put you guys at your anniversary and not a little late.

Well, I also heard that Maddi Brown is now getting married!!! Thats crazy! Who is she getting married to? I heard from Elder Quinney, her cousin. He is a really good guy as well I cant wait to play with him post mish as well. He lives in Far west so he is really close!

Well thats all thats going on with me!

Love you Guys!

Love Elder Peterson

P.S. 8 fast Sundays to go!


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